Mizoram Gears up to Celebrate 150th Year of Christmas

Mizoram Gears up to Celebrate 150th Year of Christmas
Mizoram is preparing for the 150th year of Christmas celebration. The festival was celebrated in the state near the Tuivai River by invading British troops in 1871, during which they were attacked by Mizo warriors.

Although Christmas will be celebrated in churches after a year's gap, the festivities are expected to be low-key with only worship services as congregational singing of carols and community feasts, integral to the celebration, have been prohibited due to COVID restrictions, said PTI news.

Mizos celebrated Christmas and New Year indoors due to the raging COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Despite the pandemic and restrictions, Mizoram is already soaked in the yuletide spirit.

As congregational singing of Christmas carols in churches and street corners has been prohibited due to the pandemic, festival songs were heard in almost every household, adorned by Christmas trees and wreaths, the report said.

Several NGOs, political parties and churches are collecting charity to give gifts to people in orphanages, prisons, rehabilitation centres and hospitals.

Churches and other places of worship in COVID-free towns and villages outside Aizawl were reopened on August 22, and those in even coronavirus-affected areas including the state capital were reopened on October 2.

Deputy commissioners of districts other than Aizawl have been given discretionary powers to formulate separate guidelines for their respective districts depending on the local COVID situation.

The Mizoram government has also banned the bursting of firecrackers, sky lanterns and other pyrotechnic materials, including toy guns with pellets, during the festive season. Christmas celebration is a three-day affair in the state, starting from December 24, known as 'urlawk zan' or pre-night celebration to December 26, when community feasts are held.

December 25 is usually sanctified for worship during which church services, sermons and 'zaikhawm' (congregational singing) are held.

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