People Gifts Zomato Delivery Boy a Bike for his Dedicated Work

Picture Courtesy: The Northeastern Chronicle
Picture Courtesy: The Northeastern Chronicle

Zomato Delivery Executive from Hyderabad, Mohammed Aqeel has been gifted a bike for his dedication towards work.

Aqeel has been gifted through crowdfunding on Social media after his story went viral on June 14.

As per reports, Aqeel cycled 9 kilometers in 20 minutes on heavy rain to deliver food to his customer Rubin Mukesh.

Aqeel said that he could not afford a bike because of which he had to make parcel deliveries through cycle, when Rubin asked him about this state.

Rubin Mukesh who is an IT professional, forwarded Aqeel's story in social media groups so that something could be done to ease his burden.

Interestingly Aqeel is also a student of B. Tech and his father is a cobbler.

Within a short period, Rs 73,000 was collected against the requirement of Rs 65,000 to gift Aqeel a bike. After that, on June 18, Aqeel was handed over the bike along with a helmet, sanitizer, raincoat, and masks.

Such a wonderful gesture amid the pandemic!

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