Sonia Gandhi Credits Congress For Tough Fight In Elections

Sonia Gandhi praised the historic Bharat Jodo Yatra and Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, thanking Rahul Gandhi for his persistence and determination in the face of unprecedented personal and political attacks.
Sonia Gandhi Credits Congress For Tough Fight In Elections
Sonia Gandhi Credits Congress For Tough Fight In Elections

After being unanimously elected as Chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP), Congress leader Sonia Gandhi emphasized on Saturday that the Indian National Congress has proven its resilience in the face of formidable challenges in the recently concluded Lok Sabha polls. She highlighted that the party is being strengthened by the support of its allies within the INDIA bloc.

Sonia Gandhi extended her congratulations to the newly elected Lok Sabha MPs, acknowledging the tough election they fought under challenging circumstances, defying the BJP's slogan of "Congress-mukt Bharat." "I am deeply conscious of the great responsibility all of you have placed on me yet again. Let me first of all greet and congratulate all the newly elected Lok Sabha MPs. You have fought a tough election under the most challenging of circumstances. You have surmounted many obstacles and campaigned so very effectively. Your success has given us a much greater presence in the Lok Sabha and a more effective voice in its proceedings, both of which will help give greater strength to our participation," she said in her speech, which was posted on X by party leader Jairam Ramesh.

She also commended Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge for his dedication to the party organization, stating, "The Indian National Congress has once again demonstrated its resilience. It was up against a mighty and malevolent machine that was doing its utmost to destroy us. It tried to cripple us financially. It carried out a campaign against us and our leaders that was full of lies and defamation. Many wrote our obituaries! But under the determined leadership of Khargeji, we persevered. He is an inspiration to all of us. His commitment to the party organization is truly extraordinary, and we all have to learn from his example."

Sonia Gandhi praised the historic Bharat Jodo Yatra and Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, thanking Rahul Gandhi for his persistence and determination in the face of unprecedented personal and political attacks. "The Bharat Jodo Yatra and the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra were really historic movements which rejuvenated our party at all levels. Rahul deserves special thanks for his tenacity and determination to fight on in the face of unprecedented personal and political attacks. He also shaped our narrative on guarantees and protection of the Constitution very sharply," she said.

She expressed her gratitude to all colleagues and workers across the country who diligently worked for the party's success. "The CWC Resolution passed earlier in the day has also thanked all our colleagues and workers across the country who worked so hard and so very diligently for our success. On your behalf, I wish to reiterate that sentiment strongly. Lakhs of workers in both rural and urban areas have stood by the party in the most difficult of times. We salute their courage and commitment. We owe them a debt of gratitude. Ours has also been a campaign where we have functioned truly as a collective. To those of our colleagues who contested the elections but lost, I extend our full support and tell them that they fought valiantly and did our party proud," she said.

Highlighting the increased number of party members in Parliament, Sonia Gandhi noted, "Our numbers in Parliament have increased significantly. Not only is the Indian National Congress a large contingent in the Lok Sabha, but we are bolstered by the strength of our INDIA partners, some of whom have themselves come back impressively."

However, she also reflected on the need to improve the party's position in states where their performance fell below expectations. She supported Congress President Kharge's earlier remarks at the CWC on this issue, reinforcing the need for introspection and action.

Addressing Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi's governance over the past decade, Sonia Gandhi criticized his administration and emphasized the CPP's role in holding the new NDA government accountable. "The Prime Minister who sought the mandate solely in his name to the exclusion of both his party and its allies has suffered a political and moral defeat. In reality, he has lost the mandate he sought and thereby lost the right to leadership as well. Yet, far from taking responsibility for failure, he intends to get himself sworn in again tomorrow. We do not expect him to change the substance and style of his governance, nor take cognizance of the will of the people. That is why, as members of the CPP, we have a special obligation to be watchful, vigilant, and proactive in holding him and his new NDA Government accountable," she said.

She stressed that Parliament should no longer be manipulated, members mistreated, or legislation pushed through without proper debate and consideration. Sonia Gandhi highlighted the people's decisive rejection of divisive and authoritarian politics in the recent elections. "We have challenging times ahead. We have to be alert to prevent any attempts to increase polarization and erosion of secular and democratic values enshrined in our Constitution by the ruling cabal. All such attempts have to be thwarted. This is a renewed opportunity for us as a Party that established parliamentary democracy in our country to bring parliamentary politics back on track to where they legitimately belong. In this election, the people have voted decisively to reject the politics of divisiveness and authoritarianism," she stated.

She concluded by expressing her commitment to fulfilling the trust and confidence placed in her by the party and its supporters. "They have voted to strengthen parliamentary politics and safeguard our Constitution. They have voted for the agenda of economic and social justice. That indeed should continue to be our objective and guide. Friends, this is a very emotional moment for me. I have received so much love and affection from you. Let me close by assuring you all that I will do my best and more to fulfill the trust and confidence you have continued to place in me," she added.

Sonia Gandhi Credits Congress For Tough Fight In Elections
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