No Possibility Of Opening Inter-District Travel In Assam: CM Sarma

Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma said that there is no possibility of opening the inter-district travel in any districts of Assam.

He said, “there is no plan to open the inter district travel in any of the districts in Assam.”

While addressing the media, the Chief Minister made a few statements concerning the present covid situation in the state.

The seven districts where the spread of covid is still not under the control, a meeting will be held to discuss on the situation with the district administrations.

The conference will be held in virtual mode with the district administration of the seven districts where the spread of Covid -19 is maximum, said the CM.

He further stated that the railway service is not possible to be stopped as a lot of things are associated with it.

The Chief Minister of Assam also addressed the media on Sunday regarding the ongoing situation of border tension in Assam at present.

While talking about the border issue and explosions at the Assam Mizoram border, CM Sarma said that the Assam Police officials are currently monitoring the situation staying by camp at the borders.

“There is no question of coming back from there at this situation,” said the CM.

He further added that not a single piece of Assam’s land is occupied by Mizoram.

No one can illegally occupy the lands of Assam, said CM Sarma.

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