7 National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Arunachal Pradesh

7 National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is known for its stunning natural beauty, and its waterfalls are among its most spectacular attractions. Here is the list of 7 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Namdapha National Park & Tiger Reserve

'Namdapha' is derived from the Singpho language and means 'Forest Keeping', which highlights the importance of forest conservation to the locals and tribals in the region. This sanctuary is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, offering a diverse range of rare and endangered animal and plant species, including the elusive Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger. The park's altitude ranges from 200 to 4500 meters, making it a vibrant bio-diverse hub that will leave you awe-inspired. With its proximity to Dibrugarh, the capital of Assam, Namdapha National Park is easily accessible by road, making it the perfect destination for forest trekking and hiking activities.

Mouling National Park

The name "Mouling," was derived from a nearby mountain peak, which means red poison or red blood. Here, you'll find an array of exotic creatures, including tigers, panthers, elephants, hog deer, pythons, barking deer, sambal deer, buffalo, and red pandas. Nestled in the upper Siang district, this wildlife park sprawls across 483 square kilometers of land, flanked by the Siang river to the west and the Siring, Subong, Semong, and Krobong rivers to the east. Visitors to the park can indulge in activities like rafting, angling, and trekking, making it a popular tourist destination. The weather in Yingkiong is highly humid, with temperatures ranging from 15 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius at lower elevations. During winters, the upper region experiences snowfall, adding to the park's already picturesque scenery.

Itanagar wildlife sanctuary

It is situated around the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, and is home to various rare wildlife species that roam its hilly terrain. These species include Sambar, Barking Deer, Elephant herbs, Tigers, and Panthers. Unfortunately, human habitation and forest clearing have led to a drastic drop in their population, as well as that of the Hornbill, the State bird of Arunachal Pradesh. Despite this decline, visitors can still spot a decent amount of wildlife in the sanctuary's eastern and northern regions. Additionally, the area offers several fun outing options, including a visit to the Zoological Park, Ganga Lake, Ita Fort, State Museum, and State Forest Research Institute.

Dibang wildlife

The Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary is among the eight sanctuaries in Arunachal Pradesh that provides a peaceful escape from the urban chaos. This sanctuary is home to snow-capped peaks, dense vegetation, lush rainforests, and clear rivers, drawing in numerous visitors from across the country. The sanctuary boasts of incredible biodiversity, harboring some of the rarest wildlife species like the Mishmi takin, red goral, musk deer, red panda, Asiatic black bear, tiger, Gongshan muntjac, Sclater's monal, and Blyth's tragopan.

The Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1980, was named after the Mehao Lake situated within its boundaries. The sanctuary was created to conserve the rich flora and fauna surrounding the lake. This untouched and unexplored forest area is home to a diverse range of animals, plants, birds, fish, butterflies, and reptiles. Among the notable wildlife species are the Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, and hoolock gibbon. Additionally, the sanctuary offers rare sightings of panthers, red pandas, blue-naped pitas, king cobras, pit vipers, and other fascinating creatures.

The Pakke Tiger Reserve 

The Pakke Tiger Reserve, also known as the Royal Sanctuary, is a natural habitat for a diverse range of flora and fauna, including the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. The sanctuary is home to at least 40 mammal species, such as the clouded leopard, jungle cat, wild dog, jackal, Himalayan black bear, binturong, elephant, gaur, sambar, hog deer, barking deer, wild boar, and yellow-throated martin, among others. Additionally, the reserve boasts of having nearly 300 species of birds. The primary objective of the Pakke Tiger Reserve is to preserve and protect the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger.

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

The Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden treasure trove for birdwatchers. It is a dense green rainforest that is often shrouded in mist. This sanctuary offers a serene and picturesque environment, with an abundance of wildlife species such as Asian elephants, capped langurs, red pandas, Bengal tigers, and Asiatic black bears. It is also home to a wide range of rare butterflies, including the Darjeeling false-wolf snake, Abor Hill agama, and over 450 species of butterflies.

7 National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Arunachal Pradesh
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