Tribal Retaliation Sparks Tensions in Manipur: Houses Burned Amid Allegations of Aggression

To prevent further escalation of the current violence and to protect tribe members, a total shutdown has been declared in all ITAC jurisdiction areas.
Tribal Retaliation Sparks Tensions in Manipur: Houses Burned Amid Allegations of Aggression
Tribal Retaliation Sparks Tensions in Manipur: Houses Burned Amid Allegations of Aggression

Amid simmering tensions in Jiribam, recent events have seen a troubling escalation of violence, with accusations of unprovoked attacks and house burnings targeting Hmar-Kuki-Zomi tribal communities. Allegations point to the Meitei militia, Arambai Tenggol, as the instigators of these violent acts, prompting a swift and retaliatory response from tribal groups.

Tribal Allegations and Retaliatory Actions

Reports indicate that numerous Hmar-Kuki-Zomi tribal houses, including a church, have been set ablaze in and around Jiribam town. The burning of homes in the newly established village of Lamdai Khunou is viewed as a direct response to what tribal communities perceive as aggression by the Meitei militia. In this volatile atmosphere, tribal representatives assert that they can no longer remain passive in the face of such hostility.

Total Shutdown Implemented by ITAC

In a bid to stem the tide of violence and ensure the safety of tribal populations, the Indigenous Tribes Advocacy Committee (ITAC) has declared a Total Shutdown across all ITAC jurisdiction areas. This measure aims to prevent further escalation of hostilities and provide a degree of security for tribal residents. ITAC and designated volunteers will issue passes to individuals requiring emergency access during the shutdown period. Those who defy the shutdown directive will bear full responsibility for any adverse outcomes that may result.

MP Urges Government Action

Meanwhile, freshly elected MP Dr. Angomcha Bimol Akoijam has voiced profound concern about the violence in Jiribam District. He emphasized the importance of immediate and effective steps to preserve people's lives and property. Speaking at a press conference at his residence, he urged people to maintain peace and harmony in Jiribam and demanded that the government crack down on the miscreants.

Warning to Law Enforcement

In a further development, ITAC has issued a stern warning directed at Manipur police forces and commandos, advising them against conducting operations within ITAC-controlled territories. The consequences of disregarding this directive are made clear: any such actions will be met with retaliatory measures as deemed appropriate by ITAC. The committee explicitly states that it will not accept liability for any incidents arising from non-compliance with this warning.

As tensions continue to mount in Jiribam, authorities are faced with the urgent task of quelling violence and restoring calm to the region.

Militants Set Ablaze Meitei Manipuri-Dominated Villages

Following the imposition of Section 144 and a public curfew in Jiribam district, Kuki Jo militants set ablaze two Meitei Manipuri-dominated villages in the district. 72 houses were burned down in the villages of Loitang Khunou and Butangkal in Jiribam district's Bekra sub-division. They also burned down a police station in Jiribam, leading to thousands of Meitei Manipuri people fleeing their homes in fear for their lives.

Businessman Beheaded, District on Fire

Earlier, violence erupted in Manipur's Jiribam district after a businessman, Soibam Sarat Kumar Singh, was beheaded by miscreants. The district witnessed widespread unrest, with incidents of arson and destruction of property. The Jiribam district administration imposed Section 144 and a public curfew in response to the escalating violence.Top of Form

Tribal Retaliation Sparks Tensions in Manipur: Houses Burned Amid Allegations of Aggression
Manipur: Armed Miscreants Behead Man in Jiribam; Section 144 Enforced

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