State Symbols of Manipur

State Symbols of Manipur

Manipur literally translates to "Jeweled Land." It is referred to as Kangleipak in historical documents. Around 3 million people call this 22,327 square kilometer state home. They are members of the Meitei, Naga, Kuki, Zomi, and other smaller communities and speak various Sino-Tibetan languages. Manipur has been an essential hub for trade and cultural interaction in Asia for over 2,500 years. In this article, we are going to focus on the state symbols of Manipur. 

The State Emblem of Manipur

The state government formally adopted Manipur's emblem on December 18, 1980. The emblem depicts a Kanglasha, who is a mythological creature. It is half-lion, half-dragon.The official state emblem of Manipur is displayed on a white background, as used by the state's government.

The State Song of Manipur

"Sana Leibak Manipur" (Manipur, Land of Gold) is the official anthem of the Indian state of Manipur. The song was written in 1965 by B Jayantakumar Sharma and Aribam Syam Sharma. The tune has served as a de facto national anthem since 1967. Manipur's Cabinet approved it in August of 2021.

State Animal of Manipur: Sangai 

The Sangai, commonly known as the brow-antlered deer, is an indigenous and endangered subspecies of Eld's deer that can only be found in India's state of Manipur. It got its English name because the forward-extending beam of the deer looks to emerge out of the brow. This medium-sized deer lives up to 10 years, and their antlers measure between 100 and 110 cm in length. 

State Bird of Manipur: Nongin: Mrs. Hume's pheasant 

Mrs. Hume's pheasant (Syrmaticus humiae) is a type of pheasant that is commonly called Nongin in Manipur. Hume's pheasant and bar-tailed pheasant are two other names for the nongin. It can grow to be up to 90 centimeters in length and has a greyish brown head, bare red facial skin, chestnut brown plumage, a yellowish bill, brownish-orange irises, white wing bars, and metallic blue neck feathers. The male has a long, bluish-white tail that is barred with black and brown. The female is characterized by her chestnut brown plumage, white-tipped tail, and white neck. 

State Flower of Manipur: Siroi Lily 

The Siroi/Shirui Lily, also known as the Shirui Kashung Timrawon, is an extremely rare Indian plant species that can only be found at very high altitudes (1,730-2,590 meters above sea level) in the Shirui hill ranges in Manipur's Ukhrul district. This lily prefers to bloom in the shade, and its delicate pink petals are multicolored when viewed through a microscope. It's peak flowering season is during the summer monsoons, between June and July.

State Tree of Manipur: Uningthou

The state tree of Manipur is locally known as Uningthou. The English name is Phoebe Hainesiana and it belongs to the Lauraceae family. 

State Fish of Manipur: Pengba (Osteobrama Belangeri)

The state fish of Manipur is locally known as Pengba or Belengee. The scientific name for it is “Osteobrama Belangeri.” It is a ray-finned fish that was once widespread in the Indian state of Manipur but is now only found in aquaculture and in Myanmar.

State Symbols of Manipur
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