Over 90% Meghalaya Covid Cases Comprise ‘Delta Variant’


In a major development, Meghalaya Government has informed that as per genome sequencing samples, more than 90 per cent of Covid-19 cases detected in the state are of Delta Variants.

Informing this, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Sampath Kumar was quoted as saying in a TOI report, “It is a reason for caution and extra precaution by everyone to safeguard themselves and their loved ones”.

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 “With the anticipated ‘third wave’ of the pandemic, the welfare of the people should be considered of prime importance. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that adequate care is exercised as per the health advisories which are validated by thorough research and scientific validation,” he was quoted in the TOI report.

Meanwhile, Meghalaya on Saturday saw a slight decline in COVID -19 cases as the state reported 505 new cases and 499 recoveries and three new fatalities.

Moreover, the state has been ramping up the entire process of vaccination.

However, the Meghalaya High Court on Thursday stated that forced vaccination violates fundamental rights as mandated under Article 19(1)(g) of the Indian Constitution, Bar and Bench reported.

An Indian Express report said that, “the court observed that forcing shopkeepers, taxi drivers etc. to get vaccinated as a condition for resuming their business or profession vitiates the very fundamental purpose of the welfare attached to it.”

“However, vaccination by force or being made mandatory by adopting coercive methods, vitiates the very fundamental purpose of the welfare attached to it. It impinges on the fundamental right(s) as such, especially when it affects the right to means of livelihood which makes it possible for a person to live,” Bar and Bench quoted the HC judgment.

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