Women's Market in Titabar Sets Example of Empowerment

At present, we live in a world where women take the reins, make their mark and lead in various fields including business.
Women's Market in Titabar Sets Example of Empowerment
Women's Market in Titabar Sets Example of EmpowermentWomen's market
Swagata Borah

In today’s fast-growing world, the business landscape is changing drastically and it would not be incorrect to say that women are playing a major role in shaping the future of businesses in this day and age. Today, women are no more helpless, be it domestically or financially.

At present, we live in a world where women take the reins, make their mark and lead in various fields including business. Unlike the traditional times, they have found ways to be self-reliant.

If we take a look at our own state Assam, the best example of women delegation in entrepreneurship can be seen in Thursday Local Market at Dangdhara in Jorhat’s Titabar which is being run by a group of women. The market, which is run entirely by women, was inaugurated in April, 2017 and operations officially started in July, that year.

Every Thursday, the weekly market comes alive with stalls selling everything from organic fruits, vegetables to hand woven clothes.

This Women’s Day, speaking exclusively to Pratidin Time, Market Secretary Taruni Tamuli Saikia said that more than hundreds of women are involved in running the market. On being asked about their trend of work since its formation, Taruni Tamuli Saikia said, “We are more than hundreds of women who run this market and with each day passing by and the younger one’s joining in we try to mirror our elders walking on their footsteps.”

The secretary also spoke about the hurdles that are being faced by these women in their work. She said, “Knowing that we belong in a patriarchal society, where we are believed by all to be not more than home makers, we do our best to break the stereotypes. Yes, people do speak about modernization, but what I feel is talking about it and actually applying the ideas still remain far apart.”

“However, the desire to make ends meet for the family, helps us to go on. With every hour we spend in this market with the heady aroma in the air, whiff of pungent spices and dexterity of homespun fabric, we attain another milestone in this marketing world,” she said.

Saikia further said that they have received funds for their market under the PMAY scheme. And this has helped them to take the market to the next level. She also said that the women sellers are being provided training under self-help groups. They are being trained for the loom, to grow agricultural products and also to make products using local craft which could be sold in the market.

“This is the first women’s market in Assam followed by the one in Manipur which was established in the 16th Century. I agree things will not be as smooth as we think it will be. However, we have envisioned making this market one of the biggest around,” she further added.

It is to be noted that there is still much ground to be covered to construct a business world where women are equally represented. Moreover, it is a fact that women still struggle to get their fair share in the business world.

However, women markets like these still holds a chance to change the stereotypical mindsets of people and making it a bit easier for women to work in their fields of expertise.

Women's Market in Titabar Sets Example of Empowerment
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