IPL 2023: Learn the DRS Rules about to be applied this year

Tickets for IPL 2023 Available Online Now
Tickets for IPL 2023 Available Online NowPratidin Time

The BCCI made a major announcement in their rules list ahead of the much-anticipated IPL 2023 season. According to the new DRS rule, players in the IPL 2023 season can request reviews for wides and no-balls.

DRS Rules in IPL 2023

The IPL 2023 tournament will follow the established rules for the Decision Review System (DRS) used in other cricket tournaments. The process for a DRS review involves several fixed steps followed by the third umpire. 

  • The challenging team has 15 seconds after the on-field umpire gives the decision to decide whether or not to opt for a DRS review. 

  • The fielding captain or the batsman declared out must signal a "T" sign to the on-field umpire to review the decision. 

  • If the request is made after the 15-second time limit, the umpires will decline the request. 

  • Players are not permitted to query an umpire about any aspect of the decision before requesting a review. 

  • Before proceeding with the replays using Hawk-Eye, Ultra-Edge/Real-Time Snicko (RTS), and HotSpot technologies, the third umpire first determines whether the delivery is legal. 

  • In cases of lbw or an appeal for a catch, Ultra-Edge/RTS and HotSpot are used to determine whether the ball has struck the bat. 

  • HotSpot detects heat caused by the interaction of the bat and ball, resulting in a spot on the bat. 

  • When the ball is close to the bat, Ultra-Edge/RTS uses sound to indicate a deviation or spike. 

  • The review will not be lost if the decision is upheld due to an 'umpire's call.'

Tickets for IPL 2023 Available Online Now
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