Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023: Learn more

IPL 2023
IPL 2023

The BCCI implemented the Impact Player Rule in the IPL 2023 season, ushering in a significant change in IPL history.

BCCI Introduced Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023

The 'Impact Player' rule allows teams to bring in a substitute player midway through the game to adjust to changing conditions/playing conditions and replace a non-performing player. The excitement for the IPL 2023 season begins as soon as teams announce their list of retained players.

“Also note that from IPL 2023 Season a tactical/strategic concept will be introduced to add a new dimension to IPL, wherein one substitute player per team will be able to take a more active part in an IPL match,”
the IPL said in a note sent to franchises on Thursday.

Impact Player Rules

  1. An Indian player can only be an Impact Player, except when there are fewer than four overseas players in the Playing XI.

  2. An overseas player can only be an Impact Player if they are one of the four substitutes named in the team sheet. If an overseas player is used as an Impact Player, no more than four overseas players can be on the field.

  3. During the toss, teams must pick four substitutes in addition to the Playing XI. Only one of these four substitutes can be used as an Impact Player. The captain will nominate the Impact Player.

  4. The Impact Player can be introduced before the start of the innings, after the completion of an over, after the fall of a wicket, or after the batter retires at any time during the over.

  5. If a player is replaced by an Impact Player, the replaced player cannot take part in the remainder of the match and is also not permitted to return as a substitute fielder.

  6. An Impact Player cannot act as a captain.

  7. An Impact Player can replace a retired batter, who will be allowed to come back later if needed.

  8. Each team is allowed to use one Impact Player per match, but it is not compulsory. The decision to use an Impact Player is up to the teams.

  9. If a player is injured while fielding mid-over, they can no longer take part in the match if the team introduces an Impact Player to replace them.

  10. In case of an injury to the Impact Player during the match, a substitute fielder is allowed to field in place of the injured player only if the umpires are satisfied. The substitute cannot bowl or act as captain.

  11. The penalty time for the batting and fielding teams will apply to the player off the field for the substitute as per the playing conditions.

IPL 2023
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