Assam Football Association Expels Joint Secy Samvid Sarma

The decision to expel Sarma from the association was taken in an executive meeting that was held earlier today, sources informed.
Assam Football Association
Assam Football Association

Two days after filing an FIR of a massive financial scam, the joint secretary of the Assam Football Association, Samvid Sarma, who filed the complaint, has been expelled from the association on Saturday.

The decision to expel Sarma from the association was taken in an executive meeting that was held earlier today, sources informed.

Notably, Sarma filed an FIR at the Paltan Bazar Police Station on May 18 alleging the secretary and treasurer of the association of financial mismanagement.

Assam Football Association joint secretary Samvid Sarma mentioned in the FIR that the irregularities surfaced after he had submitted an RTI and sought for a proper investigation into the matter.

In the FIR, Samvid Sarma mentioned, “As per constitution of AFA the secretary and the treasurer has the power to handle all financial affairs of AFA and responsible in totality. Presently Hemendra Nath Brahma of Gosaigaon and Hiren Gogoi of Nazira are the Secretary and Treasurer of the AFA respectively.”

He mentioned, “With the help of a RTI (Right to Information act of the Indian Constitution) I came to know about some serious nature of financial anomalies/irregularities on the part of Secretary and Treasurer of AFA and I feel that it's needs proper investigation to find the truth and the crime committed within a premier institute like AFA.”

Following are the issues regarding the financial mismanagement by Secretary and Treasurer of Assam Football Association, as mentioned in the FIR:

(a) In the year 2019 a World Cup Qualifier Match between India and Oman was held at Guwahati under the guidance of AIFF and AFA was the local organiser to smoothly conduct the same. AIFF contributed huge amount to AFA and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between AIFF and AFA where the Secretary General of AIFF and Secretary of AFA Mr. Hemendra Nath Brahma was the signatory authority.

(b) As per the MOU, the AIFF have given amount of Rs.22,90,000/- (Rupees Twenty Two Lakh Ninety Thousand) approximately to AFA and 60% of the income from the ticket sales of the match which comes around Rs.8,20,000/- (Rupees Eight Lakh Twenty Thousand) approximately. The AFA had generated a substantial amount from the fast food and cold drinks vendor appointed that day in the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium at Sarusojai, Guwahati.

But till date, the Secretary and the Treasurer of Assam Football Association have not submitted any audited Balance Sheet regarding the said game and kept mum, Sarma mentioned in the report.

He further mentioned in the complaint, “The financial report and the audited Balance Sheet of AFA which was submitted in the last meeting of AFA where surprisingly they shown around Rs.18,65,000/- (Rupees Eighteen Lakhs Sixty Five Thousand) as expenditure against the said game which is completely false, fabricated and forgery. Because the AIFA has given the all expenditures for the said match as it is speaks in the RTI Report. On the other hand, the Secretary and the Treasurer absolutely silent on the amount forwarded by AIFF. Rather the audited balance sheet shows that AFA has hugely contributed to organise the India and Oman match from the AFA's own fund.”

“Another serious anomalies reflected in the audited Balance Sheet is that the expenditure made by AFA for the World Cup Qualifier Match is two entirely different in amount shown in the Balance Sheet, in one report it shows that approximately Rs 16,00,000/- (Rupees Sixteen Lakh), and in the another report it's Rs.2,65,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh Sixty Five Thousand) only,” the FIR further mentioned.

The total amount of funds misappropriated comes to around Rs 35,00,000, approximately, according to the joint secretary.

“Both the Secretary and the Treasurer have violated the trust of the Committee and makes it criminal breach of trust by public servant/ agent and also both of them cheated dishonestly to the Committee. I seriously believe that the Secretary and Treasurer of AFA has intentionally hidden the total income as well as the amount contributed by AIFF. It's is a criminal act a corrupt practices. Through investigation will unfold more financial mismanagement of the AFA,” Samvid Sarma added.

Assam Football Association
Assam Football Association Hit By Massive Financial Fraud Claims

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