Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma to Retire?

Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma Contemplates Retirement Amidst Recent Success.
Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma to Retire?
Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma to Retire?

Following India's triumphant series victory over England, Indian captain Rohit Sharma has openly addressed the possibility of retiring if he feels his performance doesn't meet his standards.

After leading the team to a remarkable comeback win in the Dharamsala Test, Rohit spoke candidly about retirement during a pre-recorded interview with Dinesh Karthik.

He emphasized that if there comes a day when he believes he isn't playing cricket at his best, he would inform the team management about his decision.

Moreover, Rohit acknowledged that he has been delivering his finest cricketing performances in recent years.

"I think if one day if I wake up and feel I'm not good enough, I'm not feeling good enough to play the sport. I'll just talk it out and let them know about it. But honestly, I feel in the last two or three years my cricket has actually gone up and I'm playing the best cricket," said Rohit.

Rohit further emphasized his determination to cultivate a culture where players find joy in their game, liberated from the burden of statistical expectations within the team.

"I'm not too much of a stat person who looks into numbers and all of that. Yes, scoring big runs, those numbers are important, but eventually there is a culture of playing cricket in this team that I was focusing on and I am still focusing on. I wanted to bring a certain change. You know, players going out there and playing with a lot of freedom. That statistical side of cricket, I want to take completely out of this team."

"People are not looking at numbers. People are not looking at their personal scores. Play the game. Numbers will take care of itself if you are playing well. If you're fearless, If your mind is clean and clear, other things will take care of itself. But don't look out. Go out there looking for ok, can I get a 50 here? can I get 100? Obviously all those numbers are good. It will happen. But just take that completely out of your mind and just focus on the game."

"Enjoy the surroundings. Enjoy the atmosphere within the group. Enjoy the camaraderie that we've created now within the group. That is what it is. For me, that's the most important," said Rohit.

Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma to Retire?
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