IPL 2023: Format and New Rules

IPL 2023: Format and New Rules

IPL 2023 fever is high! To add to the excitement, IPL 2023 will feature a new format and a few revised rules. The season will have 74 matches between the 10 participating teams. Additionally, there will be a group stage and playoffs for the IPL 2023 competition

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IPL 2023 Format

The format for the IPL 2023 edition will be the same as last year's, but the venues will change. The following are the IPL 2023 format specifics:

  • Ten teams are divided into two groups of five each, with random selection determining the matchups. 

  • During the group stage, each team competes in 14 games, playing the other four teams in their group twice (home and away), the other four teams once, and the remaining team twice. 

  • The IPL point system awards two points for a win, while a tie results in one point for both teams. 

  • The top two teams from the group stage play in the first qualifying round, while the third and fourth-placed teams play in an elimination round. 

  • The loser of Qualifier 1 faces the winner of the Eliminator in Qualifier 2. 

  • The final showdown is between the champions of Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2.

IPL 2023 New Rules

The Impact Player Rule was implemented for the IPL 2023 season, marking a significant turning point in the league's history. All other rules remained the same as in the previous season. Here are the IPL 2023 rules explained in detail:

  • Team captains are now allowed to carry two different team sheets onto the pitch before announcing their final playing 11, unlike the previous season where they had to switch teams after the toss, giving them more flexibility in selecting their best 11 depending on the outcome of the coin toss.

  • The BCCI implemented this new regulation to eliminate the notion that winning the toss automatically translates to winning the game, under specific circumstances.

  • Two DRS reviews will be provided in the IPL 2023, and players can now challenge wides and no-balls.

  • In the event of a catch dismissal, the incoming batsman will take the strike, regardless of whether the batsmen have crossed, except on the final ball of the over.

  • In the playoffs or championship game, if a Super Over or any subsequent Super Overs cannot be completed due to any circumstances, the team that finished higher in the league stage will be declared the winner.

IPL 2023 Updated Playing Rules

  • If an overtime period in cricket exceeds the time limit, a penalty of only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle is imposed.

  • If the wicketkeeper makes an unnatural movement, a dead ball is declared and the batting team is penalized five runs.

  • If a fielder makes an unnatural movement, a dead ball is called and the batting team is penalized five runs.

IPL 2023: Format and New Rules
Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023: Learn more

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