Reserve Day Rules T20 World Cup 2024: All you need to know

Reserve day rules
Reserve day rules Reserve day rules

The 2024 T20 World Cup promises an exhilarating journey until its culmination on June 29, hosting 20 teams strategically divided into four groups. Among these contenders, ten formidable teams, including India, England, Australia, and New Zealand, secured their spots based on their stellar performance in the previous edition. The remaining ten teams battled their way through rigorous qualifying tournaments, showcasing the diverse talent pool in the cricketing world.

As the group stage concludes, the tournament will enter its thrilling second phase known as the Super Eights, where eight teams will fiercely compete for a spot in the semifinals. Only the top four teams emerging from this intense battle will advance to the penultimate stage of the competition.

Acknowledging the unpredictable nature of weather, the organizers have diligently prepared for any disruptions caused by rain by incorporating reserve days into the schedule, ensuring that the excitement of the game remains uninterrupted and fans are treated to a seamless cricketing experience.

Determining a Full Match in the 2024 T20 World Cup

Group Stage and Super Eights

1. Rain Delay Protocol: In case of rain or adverse weather conditions during group stage or Super Eights matches, both teams must complete a minimum of five overs each to constitute a result.

2. Minimum Overs Requirement: To determine a full match, both teams are required to complete a minimum of five overs each during rain-affected encounters in the group stage and Super Eights.

Semifinal and Final

1. Extended Requirement: In the semifinal and final matches, a higher threshold of ten overs per inning is necessary for a result to be declared, similar to the previous edition of the tournament.

2. No Reserve Days:  Unlike the knockout matches in the semifinal and final stages, there are no allocated reserve days for the group stage and Super Eight fixtures, emphasizing the importance of efficient scheduling and adherence to match timelines.

What Plans Are Needed for Weather-Affected Knockout Games in the 2024 T20 World Cup?

  • Reserve days are allocated for the first semifinal and the final to account for bad weather disruptions.

  • In the event of bad weather affecting the second semifinal, there is no provision for a reserve day due to time constraints between matches.

  • On the scheduled day of the second semifinal, an additional 250 minutes of play is allotted if needed to compensate for any weather interruptions.

  •  The first semifinal allows for an additional 60 minutes of play on the scheduled day, followed by 190 minutes of play on the reserve day, starting at 2 pm local time.

  • June 30 serves as the reserve day for the final, with a maximum of 190 minutes allotted, considering a 10:30 am local time start.

  •  If a match in the first semifinal or final is shortened due to weather and is continued on the reserve day, the game will maintain its truncated status, with the full quota of twenty overs per innings not necessarily being completed.

Protocols for Abandoned Matches in the 2024 T20 World Cup

  • In the event of a semifinal abandonment due to weather, the team topping the Super Eight stage standings will advance to the final, offering a fair progression route despite external factors.

  • Should adverse weather disrupt the final, both finalist teams will be declared joint winners, ensuring a shared victory in the face of unpredictable conditions.

  • If a tied semifinal or final requires a Super Over for resolution but cannot be completed due to weather disruptions, the outlined regulations will be implemented to determine the outcome, ensuring fairness and integrity in the tournament's results.

Reserve day rules
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