Access Free Wi-Fi at Railway Stations with RailTel’s RailWire Network

Access Free Wi-Fi at Railway Stations with RailTel’s RailWire Network

RailTel’s RailWire Wi-Fi network has brought about a digital revolution by providing internet access at railway stations across India. The network has made it possible for travelers and students to stay connected and updated with information, even in areas with poor connectivity. With its user-friendly interface, the RailWire Wi-Fi network has made digital inclusion a reality for millions of people across India.

Envisaged in the 2015 Rail Budget, this project gave birth to one of the largest and fastest public Wi-Fi networks in the world. The initiative is helping to connect the unconnected, especially those in rural India with poor connectivity. Out of the 6100 railway stations, more than 5000 are in rural areas, making the Wi-Fi facility available at many far-flung stations across the country, including all 15 stations in the Kashmir Valley and several stations in the North Eastern Region.

What is Railtel’s RailWire Wi-fi?

RailTel’s RailWire Wi-Fi is providing state-of-the-art public Wi-Fi at railway stations across India, with the aim of converting railway platforms into platforms for digital inclusion. With more than 6100 railway stations already connected, RailWire is one of the largest and fastest public Wi-Fi networks in the world, and the company aims to provide Wi-Fi access at all stations, except the halt ones.

Is Railtel’s Railway Wire free to use? 

The Wi-Fi network is free for the first 30 minutes of usage every day at 1 Mbps speed, and for continued usage at higher speeds, users can choose from a range of plans by paying a nominal fee. These plans vary from Rs. 10/day (for 5 GB @ 34 Mbps) to Rs. 75/30 day (for 60 GB @ 34 Mbps) excluding GST, and can be purchased through a variety of payment options, including net banking, wallet, and credit card.

The RailWire Wi-Fi network has been a boon for travelers and students, especially those from remote areas with limited access to the internet. The network has enabled them to prepare for competitive exams and stay updated with information while on the move. Additionally, passengers can use the Wi-Fi facility to stream high-definition videos, download movies, songs, and games, and even do their office work online within the station premises.

How to Access Railwire Wifi?

The RailWire Wi-Fi network at railway stations is available to any user with a smartphone and a working mobile connection for KYC considerations. The facility is user-friendly and once connected, the Wi-Fi connection lasts for 30 minutes. The network has been provided on a self-sustaining basis at no cost to the railways with the help of RailTel

Steps to access the RailWire Wi-Fi network:

  • Open their Wi-Fi settings on their smartphone and search for the available network.

  • Select Railwire Network, and open the webpage on your mobile browser. 

  • Enter their 10-digit mobile number, and an OTP will be sent to your mobile number. 

  • Users can use this OTP as a password to connect to RailWire and access the internet for free.

Access Free Wi-Fi at Railway Stations with RailTel’s RailWire Network
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