Dharitri Assam 2023 - ILRMA: Online Land Services @revenueassam.nic.in

Access all land services online.
Dharitri Assam 2023 - ILRMA: Online Land Services @revenueassam.nic.in

The Revenue and Disaster Management Department looks after the portal Dharitri Assam (ILRMA), for managing land records of the individuals who live in Assam. With the help of this portal, Assamese citizens can gain access to several land services online.

  • Portal: Dharitri Assam (Land Revenue Assam)

  • Purpose: Land Record Assam

  • Launched by: Government of Assam

  • Managed by: Revenue and Disaster Management Department 

List of Services and information available on ILRMA/Dharitri Assam

  • Jamabandi (Land Record) 

  • NOC Services (No Objection Certificate) 

    • Extension of NOC 

    • Objection Petition 

  • Track Status of NOC 

  • Panjeeyan (Property Registration) – Coming Soon

  • BhuNaksha – Coming Soon

  • ILRMS Daritree Contact Details 

  • Other Land Services

How to Check Jamabandi Assam (Land Record) on Dharitri Assam?

  1. Go to Dharitri Homepage > Jamabandi >

  2. Select the District, Circle, and Village/Town associated with your land's location before accessing your Jamabandi online.

  3. After that, you can search for your Jamabandi using either dag Number, Patta Number, or Pattadar Number

  4. Once you've entered the captcha and made a decision based on the information at hand, click the Search button.

  5. To view a preview of Jamabandi Assam, just select the Jamabandi of your choice and click the See Jamabandi button.

  6. At last, you'll see everything there is to know about the property: the lease number, the leaseholders information, the lot number, the local tax, the patta type, any comments, and any other details. 

How to apply for Extension of NOC on Dharitri Assam

  • Go to Dharitri Homepage > NOC Services > Extension of NOC

  • If your NOC (No Objection Certificate) has already expired or is about to do so, you can extend its validity. Before clicking the Next button, simply enter your application number and mobile number. Simply follow the directions after that to extend the validity of your Dharitri Assam NOC.

How to apply for Objection Petition Dharitri Assam

  • Go to Dharitri Homepage > NOC Services > Objection Petition

  • You must fill out the following information in order to submit an objection petition.

  • Personal Details

  • Address Details

  • Land Details

  • Objection Reason

  • Click the Submit button after entering the aforementioned data, then finish your objection petition by following the website's instructions.

Dharitri Assam 2023 - ILRMA: Online Land Services @revenueassam.nic.in
Mission Basundhara 2.0 - Online Land Services on Your Fingertips

How to Track the Status of NOC on Dharitri Assam

  • Go to Dharitri Homepage > Track Status

  • Choose the service from the drop-down menu, enter your application number, and press the Submit button to check the status of your Dharitri Assam NOC. You will learn about the status of your NOC in the response.

How to Know your Circle Office on Dharitri Assam

  • Go to Land Revenue Assam Homepage > Know my Circle Office >

  • Once you visit the above page click on Name of Circle Officers OR Details Icon after that you will get the Name and Contact Information of your Circle Officers.

Dharitri (ILRMS) Contact Details – Helpline Number

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