Facebook To Shut Down Facial Recognition System

Facebook To Shut Down Facial Recognition System

Social media giant Facebook to shut down its facial recognition system, this was announced by its Vice President Artificial Intelligence Jerome Pesenti.

According to the statement by Pesenti, people would no longer be automatically recognized in pictures and videos.

The statement reads, "We're shutting down the face recognition system on Facebook. People who've opted in will no longer be automatically recognized in photos and videos and we will delete more than a billion people's individual facial recognition templates."

The move from the social media giant will also affect Automatic Alt Text (AAT), which creates image descriptions for blind and visually-impaired people. As per the details, after this change, AAT descriptions will no longer include the names of people recognized in photos but will function normally otherwise.

While Facebook, in its statement argued the positives of the facial recognition system, it also put forward the negatives and potential dangers of the technology.

"…But the many specific instances where facial recognition can be helpful need to be weighed against growing concerns about the use of this technology as a whole. There are many concerns about the place of facial recognition technology in society, and regulators are still in the process of providing a clear set of rules governing its use. Amid this ongoing uncertainty, we believe that limiting the use of facial recognition to a narrow set of use cases is appropriate…" read the statement from Facebook.

The statement further added, "This includes services that help people gain access to a locked account, verify their identity in financial products or unlock a personal device. These are places where facial recognition is both broadly valuable to people and socially acceptable, when deployed with care. While we will continue working on use cases like these, we will ensure people have transparency and control over whether they are automatically recognized."

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