WhatsApp Communities: How To Create & Other Important Points

WhatsApp Communities
WhatsApp Communities

Users of WhatsApp have the power to organize and bring together different groups that are tied to one another under one umbrella. Administrators of the community can send out announcements to let members know about important news, and members can stay in touch by browsing and talking in the groups that are important to them. Members are able to simply create smaller discussion groups on topics that are important to them and receive updates that are sent to the community as a whole. Your private conversations and phone calls made within communities are end-to-end encrypted at all times. They can neither be read nor listened to by anybody else, not even by WhatsApp.

In a blog post uploaded earlier, Mark Zuckerberg announced the following,

“Today we are excited to share our vision for a new feature we are adding to WhatsApp called Communities. Since WhatsApp launched in 2009, we’ve been focused on how we can help people have the next best thing to an in-person conversation when they want to talk to an individual or a group of friends or family. We also frequently hear from people who are using WhatsApp to communicate and coordinate within a community”- Mark Zuckerberg

WhatsApp also plans to add the following features:

  • Reactions

  • File Sharing 

  • Increased Capacity for Voice Calls 

  • Admin Settings

The rollout of WhatsApp Communities has begun, and the feature will very soon be accessible to people all across the world. You may choose to keep checking back to learn more about the availability of communities in your region.

How to Creatte WhatsApp Communities:

By creating a WhatsApp community, users can bring together various WhatsApp groups into a single, cohesive whole. All members of the community will have an easier time sharing news with one another. More than that, it will facilitate the creation of forums and surveys on any topic of interest. The new feature will have a number of administrative features, like the ability to choose which user groups can join a given community.

Here is how to access WhatsApp Community:

  1. Launch WhatsApp, then select "More" > "New community."

  • Alternatively, you could go to New chat > New community.

  • Also, try the Community menu > Create a new community.

  1. To create a community, first, select a name, then provide a description, and then upload a profile picture.

  • There is a 24-character cap on usernames in WhatsApp communities.

  • The purpose of your description is to introduce potential members to the spirit of your group.

  • Tap the camera icon to add a social network symbol. To upload a picture, select either Take Photo, Choose Photo, or Search Web. When you're done, you'll see the community's icon next to Chats.

  1. You can join or create new communities by tapping the green arrow icon.

WhatsApp Communities
WhatsApp Explains Difference Between Groups And Communities

Create WhatsApp communities:

Create a New Community:

  • Create a topic for the group. A maximum of ten more groups may be made.

  • You have the option of including a group icon and a brief description.

  • Inviting others to join is possible down the road.

  • You have the option of inviting other groups to join your community, provided you are an administrator. Choose the communities you want to join, and then click the green arrow.

  • There will be a green checkmark to indicate when you've done adding groups to your community.

WhatsApp Communities Important Points:

  • In addition to the announcement group, a maximum of 49 other groups can be created.

  • The maximum size of a community announcement group is 5,000 people.

  • A member of the community at large may join any group they like.

  • Your community will have its own announcements group set up immediately. The administrators of this community can use this forum to communicate with the entire community at once.

  • Closed groups will soon be accessible, but you may not be able to access them just yet. If you are interested in joining a private group, we ask that you check back later to see when it becomes open in your region.

Whatsapp Community Announcement Group

Administrators of the community can use the announcement group to contact all of the members of the community with important announcements and other communications. In the announcement group, only the administrators are allowed to post.

Whenever a new member joins a community, they will be added to the announcement group if their privacy settings allow anyone to add them to a group. You may also see how many people are members of the community and choose to not get announcements if you don't want to.

  • There can be as many as 5,000 people in the whatsapp announcement group.

  • Users who no longer wish to receive announcements from the group are free to do so without losing their membership in the larger online community.

  • While the total number of members is visible to everyone in the announcement group, only group administrators can view individual member profiles.

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