How to remove password from locked PDF file

How to remove password from locked PDF file
How to remove password from locked PDF file

How to remove password from locked PDF file: Discovering how to remove passwords from locked PDF files can be a game-changer when dealing with document security. In this guide, we'll explore two user-friendly methods, ensuring that the process is both engaging and easily understandable. Let's dive into the world of PDF unlocking with Chrome and Google Drive.

Method 1: Unlocking PDFs with Chrome (Printing Method)

When you lack a dedicated PDF editor, fear not—Google Chrome can come to the rescue. Follow these steps to effortlessly remove passwords from your PDFs:

Step 1: Open PDF in Chrome

Start by installing or updating Google Chrome. Drag your password-protected PDF into a new Chrome tab, and presto—you're in!

Step 2: Delete Password and Print

This critical step involves using the print option to create a new, password-free PDF. Uncover the secrets of PDF password removal without the need for additional software.

Step 3: Save Unlocked PDF

Simply hit 'Save' to store the PDF sans password on your local drive. Your newly liberated document is now ready for hassle-free access.

Method 2: Google Drive Magic

Unlocking PDFs with Google Drive is another seamless method. Follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Upload to Google Drive

Head to Google Drive, upload your PDF under the "Upload" option and let the magic begin.

Step 2: Open With Google Docs

Right-click on the PDF and select "Open With" → "Google Docs." This initiates the removal of the password.

Step 3: Download the Unlocked PDF

Once opened, click 'File,' then 'Download' to save the PDF without any pesky passwords. Your document is now free and secure.

Unlocking PDFs with Acrobat:

Acrobat provides a powerful tool for removing password security from PDFs. Follow these steps:

Open PDF in Acrobat

Launch Acrobat and open your password-protected PDF.

Use the "Unlock" Tool

Navigate to "Tools" → "Protect" → "Encrypt" → "Remove Security."

Remove Security

For Document Open passwords, click "OK" to eliminate them. For permissions passwords, enter the password, click "OK," and confirm the action.

How to remove password from locked PDF file
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How to remove password from locked PDF file
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How to remove password from locked PDF file
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