How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving a Phone Number

Are you tired of saving the numbers of every person you need to communicate with on WhatsApp? Even though there isn't a built-in option for this, there are still ways to avoid saving people's phone numbers when using WhatsApp.
WhatsApp | representative image
WhatsApp | representative image

Millions of people use WhatsApp every month, making it one of the most popular IM services available. Several practical functions, such as texting, voice calling, video calling, and even the ability to make in-app purchases, are already included in the app. Users, however, have expressed interest in additional functionality that has not yet been implemented on the platform. Among these options is the ability to contact people who aren't in your address book. It is almost impossible to send a WhatsApp message to a contact whose number has not been saved. At least, it seems so. Because of that, you are forced to save almost every contact, even if you just need to message them once. But guess what! There are some tricks to doing that! Read below to learn more. 

Send WhatsApp messages from a web browser without saving a phone number 

  • Launch your preferred mobile web browser.

  • Now, enter this link: and hit the enter key. Use the format "" to enter a phone number, prefixed by the appropriate country code (for example, "").

  • Once you've entered the digits, hit the enter key to access the link.

  • The WhatsApp interface will load after you click this. Please select the "Continue Chat" button to continue the conversation.

  • The WhatsApp chat window of the entered mobile number will open and you can send your message.

Send WhatsApp messages without saving phone number using Truecaller

The Truecaller app streamlines the process of sending a direct message without having to remember the recipient's number.

  • Launch Truecaller on your device.

  • Simply enter the contact's phone number into the search bar. It will take you to that person's Truecaller profile.

  • You can now scroll down and use the WhatsApp icon on the profile.

  • WhatsApp's conversation window will launch. Viola! You can now send the message without first saving the contact number. 

Shortcut to Send WhatsApp messages without saving a phone number via Siri 

Users of the iPhone can also use a workaround to send a message to a contact who has not yet been added to their WhatsApp address book.

  • Launch the Shortcuts app on your iOS device and select the "Add shortcut" menu item.

  • In order to avoid unwanted contact, download the WhatsApp non-contact shortcut now.

  • Following the creation of the shortcut, it can be launched by touching the icon.

  • There will be a prompt that reads "Select recipient."

  • In the field labeled "Choose recipient," enter the full telephone number, including the international dialing prefix (+91- for Indian numbers).

  • You can then message the person by opening the specific number's WhatsApp chat thread.

WhatsApp | representative image
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