WhatsApp Web: Here’s how to use web.whatsapp.com without a smartphone with multi-device beta

WhatsApp has explained the difference between its newly-introduced communities and groups
WhatsApp has explained the difference between its newly-introduced communities and groups

The beta version of WhatsApp's multi-device support has begun to roll out to users of both Android and iOS, enabling them to access their accounts on additional devices even when their primary devices are turned off or not connected to the internet. You can simultaneously connect to four devices using the WhatsApp feature. The specialty of this version is that users will still be able to send and receive messages on the app even when their phone is not online. 

WhatsApp's multi-device support allows users to link their instant messaging account to a second device, such as a computer, laptop, or even the Facebook website. Conversations between users on the secondary device are still encrypted end-to-end by WhatsApp. This means that neither WhatsApp nor any other party can read your private chats.

As of right now, beta testers with iOS and Android devices can take advantage of WhatsApp's cross-platform support. Please keep in mind that because the feature is still in beta, there may be some performance issues that will be ironed out by the time a stable version is released. To join the beta program, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Register for WhatsApp Beta

To register for the WhatsApp beta program for testing new features, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.whatsapp.

  • Then, sign up by clicking on the dialogue box with the 'Become a beta tester' button.

Use WhatsApp multi-device support on your laptop 

Once you have enrolled in the beta program, follow these steps to use WhatsApp on your linked device. 

  • To begin, install the WhatsApp desktop app or navigate to web.whatsapp.com.

  • Then, from your phone's WhatsApp Settings, navigate to the Linked devices section.

  • Then, on the settings page, click the "Line a device" button.

  • This will launch the app's camera scanner.

  • Simultaneously, the website or desktop app that you open on your laptop will display a QR code.

  • Simply scan this code with your phone's camera, and your WhatsApp will be activated on your laptop.  

Use WhatsApp web on multi-device 

1. Begin by signing up for the multi-device beta by going to WhatsApp and then Settings > Linked Devices > Multi-Device Beta.

2. Return to the screen of the Linked device.

3. Next, tap the Link a Device button to add a new device.

4. Finally, scan the QR code on your secondary device.

5. This will connect it to your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp has explained the difference between its newly-introduced communities and groups
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