ISKCON Urges UN For Immediate Action On Violence Against Minorities In Bangladesh

ISKCON Urges UN For Immediate Action On Violence Against Minorities In Bangladesh

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) on Saturday filed a complaint to the Secretary-General of the United Nations against the violence by a mob of more than 200 people on the Hindus and destruction of the ISKCON Naokhali temples and houses nearby.

The organization brought to the notice and requested the UN general secretary Mr. Antonio Guterres for kind attention on the 9 days attack on the Hindus of Bangladesh.

On Friday, a mob of more than 200 people entered the premises of ISKCON Naokhali and vandalized temples and houses of devotees, and looted.

ISKCON further added in their complaint that a devotee was killed and many others are still missing while others are severely injured.

A dead body of 25-year-old devotee, Partha Das in the ISKCON ashram was found on Saturday morning. He was murdered with sharp weapons, said ISKCON.

Parts of the temple were also burnt down to ashes and all the deities have been broken.

Further, the ISKCON in their complaint to the UN also stated that a family has been raped brutally including the 10-year-old minor.

Through their complaint, ISKCON has urged the international community to =speak up against this cycle of violence which is going on for the last 9 days.

Meanwhile, the area is under curfew and the victims are still waiting to know more brutal stories and the full picture as the connectivity is down.

Further, ISKCON urged the United Nations to immediately issue a condemnation of this cycle of violence against the Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh and to send a delegation to Bangladesh.

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