Not Responsible For "Unfortunate" Incident: Nichols High School

School authorities have termed the media reports circling the incident as false narratives.
Nichols High School in Guwahati
Nichols High School in Guwahati

Calling all allegations false, Nichols Higher Secondary School in Guwahati clarified its stance on the death of one of its students on Wednesday.

Sigdhasikha Das, a student of class four in the school had reportedly fainted due to extreme heat during the morning assembly. She later passed away while undergoing treatment after being admitted to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).

School authorities have termed the media reports circling the incident as false narratives. They said that Das was fine while in school and the school cannot be related to her unfortunate demise.

They said, “She was a good student. The media narrative on the incident is entirely false.”

Detailing the incidents of the day, authorities said, “She was first taken to Marwari Hospital at 4.21 pm. Later she was taken to GMCH at around 8.45 pm in the evening. Doctors there declared that the reason behind her death was brain hemorrhage.”

The school further said, “Though she had fainted during the morning assembly, that is not the reason behind the unfortunate incident.”

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The 10-year-old girl went back home on a school bus, according to the authorities.

They said that the student did not fall ill or show any signs while inside the premises, they added, mentioning that by 12.15 she deboarded the bus and by 12.20 she was at her home.

“The parents have made false allegations against the school. There have been no meetings with the parents owing to Covid-19”, authorities told reporters.

Stating whatever happened, must have taken place back at her home, authorities also mentioned that they would be inclined to fight back should the parents take the matter to the court of law.

Meanwhile, the parents of the girl have alleged negligence on the part of the school, saying that they were not informed that their child had fallen ill in the school. They said that the school sent the students back home and did not even mention the fainting incident to them.

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