11 Suspects Involved in Moscow Terror Attack Arrested

Russia arrests 11 suspects involved in deadly Moscow terror attack that claimed over 130 lives and left 140 injured. President Putin declares national day of mourning as global leaders express solidarity.
11 Suspects Involved in Moscow Terror Attack Arrested
11 Suspects Involved in Moscow Terror Attack ArrestedNew York Times

In a tragic turn of events, Russia witnessed its deadliest attack in 20 years as gunmen stormed a concert hall near Moscow on March 22, leaving over 130 people dead and over 140 injured. The assailants, dressed in camouflage uniforms, unleashed chaos by opening fire and hurling grenades, causing panic among the attendees.

Russian authorities swiftly responded, arresting 11 suspects, including all four gunmen directly involved in the attack on March 23. The arrests followed a dramatic car chase in the Bryansk region, with indications that the perpetrators had intentions of fleeing to Ukraine.

While the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the assault, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced the massacre as a "barbaric terrorist act." However, Ukraine denied any involvement, labeling Moscow's accusations as baseless provocations.

In response to the tragedy, global leaders expressed solidarity with Russia, condemning the heinous act. Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended condolences, emphasizing solidarity with the Russian people. Meanwhile, the US, while condemning the attack, found no immediate link to the Ukraine conflict.

The aftermath of the assault saw a scene of devastation, with flames engulfing the concert hall as individuals scrambled for safety. Efforts to contain the fire involved helicopters dumping water on the building, which can accommodate thousands.

As Russia mourned the loss of lives, President Putin declared a national day of mourning, canceling weekend events across the country. Memorials sprung up outside Russian embassies worldwide, reflecting the global impact of the tragedy.

11 Suspects Involved in Moscow Terror Attack Arrested
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