Covid-19 Cases Spike, China Imposes Lockdown in Changchun

Residents are required to remain home and undergo three rounds of mass testing.
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A spike in cases of Covid-19 has compelled China to impose a lockdown in the northeastern city of Changchun.

The city which is the capital of the Jilin province and an important industrial base has a population of 9 million residents.

According to the Covid-19 guidelines, residents are required to remain at home and undergo three rounds of mass testing.

On the other hand, non-essential businesses have also been closed and transport links suspended.

Notably, China reported more than 1,000 fresh Covid-19 cases in various cities of the country.

This was the highest single-day spike in the number of positive cases in about 2 years.

Of these, 98 cases were found in Jilin province that surrounds Changchun.

However, just two cases were detected within the city.

Authorities have already ordered a partial lockdown in the city and severed travel links with other cities.

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