Russian Forces hit 69 Ukrainian Military Facilities

Russian air defense also shot down 12 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, Konashenkov said.
Russian Invasion on Ukraine  

Russian Invasion on Ukraine  

As Russia intensifies its attack on Ukraine, 69 Ukrainian military facilities were hit by Russian forces overnight.

As per Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, the 69 military facilities include four command posts and four anti-aircraft missile systems.

Konashenkov said, “On the night of March 19, Russian operational-tactical, army and unmanned aircraft hit 69 military facilities of Ukraine. Among them were four command posts, including those of a brigade senior management in the settlement of Zabuyannya, four anti-aircraft missile systems, including three S-300s and one Buk-M1."

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Konashenkov also said that the Russian armed forces hit one radar station for guidance and target designation, three multiple rocket launchers, 12 depots of missiles and artillery weapons, as well as 43 sites of military equipment accumulation.

In addition, Russian air defence also shot down 12 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, Konashenkov said.

Meanwhile, according to officials, India's oil imports from the United States will rise by 11 per cent this year as the severely energy-deficient country looks to secure supplies from producers around the world, including heavily sanctioned Russia.

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