9 Best Movies Related to Artificial Intelligence to Watch This Weekend on Netflix

Best Movies Related to Artificial Intelligence
Best Movies Related to Artificial Intelligence

Best Movies Related to Artificial Intelligence: Are you in the mood for an intellectually stimulating movie night this weekend? Look no further than Netflix's treasure trove of films related to Artificial Intelligence. As technology continues to shape our world and our future, these cinematic gems offer an intriguing glimpse into the complex and often enigmatic world of AI. From mind-bending science fiction to thought-provoking documentaries, these "9 Best Movies related to Artificial Intelligence to Watch This Weekend on Netflix" will take you on a captivating journey through the realms of human and machine interaction, ethical dilemmas, and the limitless potential of AI. So, grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot on the couch, and prepare to be both entertained and enlightened as we explore the future of technology and its impact on our lives.

Black Mirror

The world of artificial intelligence and its impact on our lives has been a fascinating subject explored in various movies and series on Netflix. One such standout is "Black Mirror," which has taken the audience on a rollercoaster of thought-provoking, wacky science-fiction tales. Premiering in 2011 and concluding in 2019, it's a series that delves deep into the effects of contemporary technology, often with a dark twist. With an IMDb rating of 8.8/10, it's no wonder this show has left viewers craving more, as each episode's potential outcomes leave you questioning the role of modern technology in our lives.

Love, Death & Robots

"Love, Death & Robots" is another gem in the Netflix AI movie collection. This anthology animation series, created by the likes of Tim Miller and David Fincher, offers a thrilling mix of science fiction, fantasy, humor, and horror. Each episode presents a unique and visually captivating tale that explores the future of technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. The 8.4/10 IMDb rating speaks to its quality and originality, making it a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the evolving relationship between humans and technology.

The Social Dilemma

"The Social Dilemma" is a thought-provoking documentary that may not be a traditional AI movie but serves as a profound exploration of how social media and technology impact our lives. With an IMDb rating of 7.6/10, it reveals the hidden dangers of data collection, personalized algorithms, and their effects on society. This eye-opening documentary sheds light on the often-unseen consequences of our online actions, making it a significant addition to the AI movie landscape.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

"The Mitchells vs. The Machines" offers a fun and vibrant take on the consequences of our increasing dependence on technology. In this animated comedy, the Mitchell family finds themselves battling robots and wicked gadgets during a road trip to save humanity. The film's energetic and visually captivating presentation, along with its IMDb rating of 7.6/10, makes it a delightful commentary on our modern relationship with technology.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" allows the audience to decide the fate of the main character, immersing them in a complex narrative that explores the consequences of their choices. This interactive film is a gripping and mind-bending experience, much like the "Black Mirror" series itself, and is an essential addition to the world of AI-related entertainment.

Coded Bias

"Coded Bias" is a documentary that dives deep into the world of artificial intelligence, face recognition, and racial bias. It highlights the ethical concerns surrounding AI and its potential to infringe on civil rights. The film educates viewers on the implications of AI and privacy invasion, making it a crucial addition to the AI movie catalog.

I Am Mother

"I Am Mother" presents a captivating post-apocalyptic scenario in which a young girl is raised by a mechanical mother. The film explores the challenges of rebuilding humanity and the complexities that arise when another human enters their lives. With a 91% Tomatometer score, this movie offers a thought-provoking take on AI's role in shaping our future.


"Oxygen" is a claustrophobic survival drama that takes place inside a cryogenic pod, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The film's intense atmosphere and suspenseful storytelling make it a thrilling addition to the AI movie collection.

Space Sweepers

"Space Sweepers" is a space opera that combines elements of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix, depicting a future where Earth is in danger, and humanity searches for new planets to colonize. The film's blend of dystopian elements and collective survival creates an engaging narrative that explores the challenges of a post-apocalyptic world.

The Wandering Earth

"The Wandering Earth" presents a crisis of epic proportions as the Sun becomes volatile and threatens to engulf Earth. This science fiction film offers a thrilling and visually stunning take on humanity's struggle for survival in the face of cosmic catastrophe. Despite its lower audience score, it remains a compelling addition to the AI movie lineup.

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-related entertainment, these movies and series on Netflix offer a wide range of perspectives and narratives that delve into the intricate relationship between humans and technology. Whether you're intrigued by the potential of AI or concerned about its consequences, these titles provide thought-provoking and engaging explorations of the subject.

Best Movies Related to Artificial Intelligence
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Best Movies Related to Artificial Intelligence
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