Best Hindi Web Series
Best Hindi Web Series

Best Hindi Web Series on Netflix: Heeramandi, Scoop, Maamla Legal Hai, & more

Indulge in a diverse spectrum of Hindi content that Netflix offers, spanning across genres that encompass action, drama, romance, and mystery.

Netflix has firmly established itself as India's most beloved streaming service. Despite being a premium option, its popularity remains unparalleled, drawing audiences to its captivating array of content. Embark on a journey through this selection of the finest Hindi web series available on Netflix in 2024. These shows, celebrated for their captivating narratives, stellar performances, and immersive plots, have enthralled viewers across the board.

These remarkable series merely scratch the surface of the extraordinary Hindi web content that awaits you on Netflix. It's time to indulge in some truly binge-worthy entertainment that promises an unforgettable viewing journey!

List of Movies Best Hindi Web Series on Netflix

Maamla Legal Hai (IMDb Rating: 8.0)

The series kicks off with Ravi Kishan as VD Tyagi, a shrewd lawyer who excels at exploiting legal loopholes to secure victories. Ambitious and determined, he aims to become the Bar Association President and has self-proclaimed leadership over the Patparganj Bar Association. Ananya Shroff, portrayed by Naila Grewal, is a fervent Harvard-educated advocate with dreams of offering legal aid to the underprivileged, only to face a stark reality in Patparganj. Nidhi Bisht plays Sujata, affectionately known as Didi, who aspires to establish her own legal practice but has yet to take on a single case. Anant V Joshi brings to life Vishwas Pandey, the court manager who fancies himself the Donna Paulson of Patparganj District Court, likening himself to the clever secretary from ‘Suits.’

Heeramandi (IMDb Rating: 6.4)

Heeramandi captivates with its lavish and surreal ambiance from start to finish. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, in his streaming series debut, seems determined to make us yearn for the cinematic experience. In Lahore, the courtesan Mallikajaan, disheartened and trapped by her circumstances, tearfully casts her precious jewelry into a dimly lit fireplace. The mansion around her is cloaked in eerie shadows. Suddenly, a voice calls out, and as a curtain is drawn back, we glimpse a bustling haveli opposite, filled with light, laughter, and celebration. This mesmerizing scene, rich in contrasts of light and shadow, speaks volumes, transcending any narrative twist or poetic dialogue.

Kota Factory (IMDb Rating: 9.0)

Amidst growing scrutiny over the societal impact of coaching hubs, the third season of the monochromatic series *Kota Factory* offers a somewhat idealistic perspective. This season primarily attributes the intense pressure on students to the imbalanced demand and supply dynamic, where a disproportionate number of aspirants vie for limited seats. By doing so, it tends to romanticize the 'Factory' model, which subjects 15-16-year-olds to grueling schedules in the relentless pursuit of engineering and medical careers.

The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth (IMDb Rating: 6.2)

This web series delves into the true story of Indrani Mukerjea, the founder of INX Media, who faced allegations of murdering her daughter, Sheena Bora. Arrested by the Mumbai Police in 2015, Indrani spent 6.5 years in prison before being released on bail. The series offers an unprecedented look at Indrani Mukerjea's perspective, a narrative that has largely remained unheard by the public. Notably, it ranks as the 7th most searched documentary on Google, reflecting its significant impact and widespread interest.

The Great Indian Kapil Show: Season 1 (IMDb Rating: 6.7)

“This was the season’s standout moment. Pure madness,” Kapil Sharma declared as he wrapped up Season 1 of *The Great Indian Kapil Show*. The comedian and his team radiated joy, confident that despite a mix of highs and lows throughout the season, they concluded it on a high note.

While Kapil reserved the best for the finale, let’s break convention and highlight this peak moment first. The Grand Finale deviated from the norm, featuring a single, elaborate sketch instead of multiple segments. Sunil Grover hilariously portrayed Salman Khan, Krushna Abhishek took on the role of Shah Rukh Khan, and Kiku Sharda comically embodied Rakhee Gulzar, incessantly calling out to “Karan Arjun.” The sketch centered around this trio forming a dysfunctional family, with the exasperated sons grappling with their mother’s relentless demands.

Scoop (IMDb Rating: 7.7)

In the aftermath of a journalist's gruesome murder, a relentless crime reporter finds herself thrust into a labyrinthine nexus involving law enforcement, media, and the notorious underbelly of Mumbai. As she embarks on a quest for justice, her path intertwines with a riveting narrative of corruption, power play, and an unwavering pursuit of truth. In a city where the boundaries between virtue and vice blur, she must navigate treacherous waters while confronting the shadows poised to silence her. Will she triumph in untangling the enigma and bringing the culprits to account, or will she herself become another pawn in this perilous game? Prepare for an electrifying and suspense-laden journey as this intrepid reporter battles against all odds to unveil the shocking verity lurking beneath the surface.

Sacred Games (IMDb Rating: 8.5)

Emerging as a Netflix gem, this series seamlessly melds action, drama, and crime into an enthralling masterpiece. The narrative introduces us to the upright Mumbai police officer Sartaj Singh and the self-proclaimed deity Ganesh Gaitonde, a gangster with grandiose delusions. Enveloped in an intricate web of mystery, deep-seated corruption, and spine-chilling drama, Sartaj Singh's integrity stands unwavering in the face of treachery, violence, and an unforeseen connection to the criminal world. Confronted by mafia threats, the unyielding cop ventures beyond boundaries to shield Mumbai from impending catastrophe. Bolstered by an ensemble cast and two gripping seasons, this series beckons you into its riveting narrative, urging you to dive in without hesitation.

Delhi Crime (IMDb Rating: 8.5)

Unfolding across two intense seasons, this show delves into harrowing tales that shook the core of Delhi. The initial season chronicles the shocking gang rape of a medical student on a moving bus, unveiling the aftermath and societal ripple effects. The second season ventures into the realm of a serial killer prowling the city. While emotionally demanding, this series offers an unflinching portrayal of the societal impact of heinous crimes, sparked by the atrocious gang rape case that sparked nationwide outrage. The compelling narrative is fortified by a stellar cast, showcasing the indomitable spirit of those committed to upholding justice in the face of darkness.

Aranyak (IMDb Rating: 7.8)

Premiering in 2021, this captivating drama merges crime, mystery, suspense, investigation, and action into an enthralling concoction. The series heralds Raveena Tandon's OTT debut and unveils a crime-based narrative infused with supernatural elements. Aranyak, directed by Vinay Waikul and produced by Roy Kapur Films and Ramesh Sippy Entertainment, unfurls the enigmatic legend of the "nar tendua" or "man leopard," a creature that preys upon humans. Yet, the tale reveals a chilling truth—this legend is meticulously cultivated by a serial killer whose victims are selected according to his sinister whims. The result is a spine-tingling odyssey into a world where myths and malevolence intertwine.

Decoupled (IMDb Rating: 7.9)

Prepare for bouts of uproarious laughter with this romantic comedy series. Introducing an urban couple grappling with a fraying relationship, the show follows a well-off yet unsuccessful writer in Delhi and a savvy and triumphant corporate professional. Bound together solely by their 8-year-old child, their journey uncovers a realm of complexity and humor. Tinged with wit and charm, the series offers a delightful exploration of the intricacies of modern relationships and the amusing dynamics that arise.

Ray (IMDb Rating: 7.1)

Showcasing the brilliance of Satyajit Ray's works on the small screen, this anthology series weaves together four enthralling stories anchored by compelling lead characters. Led by the talented Manoj Bajpayee, the series embarks on an intense exploration of crime, drama, and thriller. With a rich tapestry of narratives, each story is an homage to Ray's legacy, capturing the essence of his storytelling prowess.

Taj Mahal 1989 (IMDb Rating: 7.4)

In a 7-episode Netflix original, this show offers a heartwarming depiction of love through the lens of different characters in Lucknow University. Set three decades ago, the narrative traverses the lives of various couples, unraveling their distinct interpretations of love. Amidst the tale of a troubled marriage between a philosophy professor and a physics professor, a captivating love triangle among students unfolds, all within the backdrop of a world untouched by digital dating applications. As each couple seeks to craft their version of love, the series beautifully navigates the myriad facets of this profound emotion.

Selection Day (IMDb Rating: 7.3)

Based on Aravind Adiga's novel, this series chronicles the aspirations of Manju and Radha, two small-town teenagers with dreams of becoming international cricketers. Under the watchful eye of their stringent father, their journey leads them to Mumbai's cricketing scene, where they must confront challenges both on and off the field. With a tightly woven plot and engaging writing, the series provides a riveting portrayal of passion, perseverance, and the complexities of chasing dreams.

Jamtara (IMDb Rating: 7.2)

An underappreciated gem, this 10-episode original series delves into the real-world events of a Jharkhand-based phishing scam. Set against the backdrop of Jharkhand's dusty landscapes, the narrative centers around cousins Rocky and Sunny and their audacious endeavors to con thousands by posing as bank officials. The series paints a stark portrait of the intersection of politics, capitalism, digital crime, and the perils of free internet access, showcasing the dire consequences of under-educated individuals embracing a life of deceit.

Ghoul (IMDb Rating: 7.0)

In a horror-infused series, the veil is lifted on an army interrogation center where a dreaded terrorist is held captive. The plot weaves smart themes and a touch of mythology to blur the boundaries between redemption and revenge, ensnaring characters in a complex web of fate. As the tables turn, secrets are unearthed, and the discovery of a ghoul within a prisoner triggers an eerie twist that ventures into the realms of the unknown.

Bard of Blood (IMDb Rating: 6.8)

This series, produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, follows Kabir Anand, an embittered intelligence operative who returns to the field to rescue abducted agents held captive by the Taliban. Adapted from Bilal Siddiqi's novel, the fictitious Indian spy thriller is set in the volatile province of Balochistan, delving into cross-border terrorism and the intricate struggles between renegade Indian agents and Pakistani intelligence. While gripping, the series faces critique for perpetuating stereotypes and clichés that perpetuate negative perceptions.

Masaba Masaba (IMDb Rating: 6.7)

A lighthearted and fictionalized account, this series offers an endearing glimpse into the lives of Masaba Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta. Based on Masaba's own experiences, the show masterfully navigates their unique world, providing a fresh perspective on their lives while painting a vivid canvas of their vibrant personalities.

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