Enjoyed Watching "Kaala"? 9 Must-Watch Movies and Web Series Like Kaala Delving into Corruption

Watch Movies and Web Series Like Kaala
Watch Movies and Web Series Like Kaala

Watch Movies and Web Series Like Kaala: In a world where the shadows of corruption and the allure of black money often fuel the most gripping narratives, the recent release of filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar's streaming series, "Kaala," has left audiences eagerly craving more tales from the underbelly of society. If you found "Kaala" to be a captivating exploration of these themes, you're in for a treat. In this article, we present nine compelling movies and web series that delve deep into the murky realms of corruption and the seductive world of black money. Each of these narratives promises to take you on a thrilling and thought-provoking journey, offering a unique perspective on the intricate web of deceit, power, and moral ambiguity that characterizes this intriguing genre. Whether you're a fan of crime dramas, investigative documentaries, or intense character-driven stories, there's something here to satisfy your appetite for gripping storytelling. So, get ready to immerse yourself in these must-watch productions that shed light on the darker aspects of our society, leaving you both entertained and contemplative.


Jamtara offers a riveting look into the lives of individuals drawn into the illicit world of cybercrime. As the consequences of their actions spiral out of control, the tension escalates, leaving viewers captivated by the unfolding drama.

The Laundromat

The Laundromat takes you on a gripping journey through the intricate web of offshore financial dealings, showcasing the power of determination in the face of corruption. Ellen Martin's quest for justice unveils shocking revelations that will leave you pondering the depths of greed and deception.

Dirty Money

Dirty Money exposes the underbelly of corporate greed, shining a harsh light on the moral ambiguities of the business world. These real-life stories of scandal and misconduct will make you question the cost of unchecked ambition.

Inside Job

Inside Job offers a sobering reflection on the far-reaching consequences of economic collapse. By delving into the causes and aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, it provides a thought-provoking perspective on the fragility of our financial systems.

Blood Money

Blood Money explores the moral dilemmas faced by individuals trapped in a world of criminality. The journey of Kunal and Aarzoo delves into the complexities of personal choices and the allure of ill-gotten wealth.

Gabbar is Back

Gabbar is Back presents a compelling vigilante tale that resonates with those who yearn for justice in a corrupt world. Aditya's transformation into Gabbar is a testament to the power of the individual in the face of systemic corruption.

Caught Out 

Caught Out takes you behind the scenes of a real-life scandal that rocked the world of cricket. Investigative journalists and their pursuit of truth serve as a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability.

Special 26

Special 26 is a thrilling heist story that challenges the boundaries of right and wrong. The audacious con artists blur the lines of legality in their quest to expose corrupt politicians and businessmen.


Farzi introduces viewers to the high-stakes world of counterfeiting, where the line between artistry and criminality becomes blurred. Sunny's journey is a testament to the seductive allure of black money.

Watch Movies and Web Series Like Kaala
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Watch Movies and Web Series Like Kaala
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Watch Movies and Web Series Like Kaala
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