New Malayalam Releases on OTT in September 2023: Pappachan Olivilaanu, Makshika, and more

New Malayalam Releases on OTT in September 2023
New Malayalam Releases on OTT in September 2023

New Malayalam Releases on OTT in September 2023: For all the dedicated Malayalam movie enthusiasts out there, we understand your eagerness to catch the latest releases from the comfort of your own home. In this rapidly evolving digital age, staying up-to-date with the release dates of your favorite Malayalam movies on OTT platforms has become more important than ever. Whether you're eagerly awaiting the digital rights of a beloved film or curious about the upcoming Malayalam movies set to hit your screens, we've got you covered. Welcome to our comprehensive guide, where you can find all the essential information about the newest Malayalam movie releases on OTT platforms in September 2023

Upcoming Malayalam Movies OTT Release Dates & Digital Rights 2023

Padachone Ingalu Kaatholee

In the politically charged narrative helmed by director Bijith Bala, a group of passionate leftwing activists - Dineshan, Grace, Giri, KK, and Gund Saji - find themselves deeply entrenched in the tumultuous world of political ideology and activism. However, the plot takes an unexpected turn when Dineshan becomes romantically entangled with a visiting girl who stays over at his house. Her presence sparks a profound change within him as he begins to reevaluate the dynamics and occurrences within his own home. Suddenly, the personal becomes political for Dineshan, and he finds himself compelled to take action not only on the broader stage of leftwing politics but also within the intimate confines of his family life. With a talented cast including Ann Sheetal, Sunil Sukhada, and Sreenath Bhasi, this thought-provoking film, penned by Pradeep Kumar Kavumthara, explores the intricate interplay between personal convictions and the demands of the outside world, ultimately leading to a transformative journey for its characters.

Pappachan Olivilaanu

In the poignant narrative crafted by director Sinto Sunny, we meet Pappachan, a truck driver whose life is a constant battle to honor and preserve the legacy left behind by his father, Meesha Mathachan. Yet, amidst the challenges of navigating the rugged roads and unpredictable landscapes of his profession, Pappachan's deeper struggle lies in his unquenchable thirst for validation and approval from those around him. As he traverses the highways of life, he yearns to prove himself to others, always seeking that elusive nod of recognition. With a cast led by Jolly Chirayath, Shivaji Guruvayoor, and Saiju Kurup, this character-driven story delves into the complexities of identity, heritage, and the human need for acknowledgment. Written by Sinto Sunny, the film promises a touching exploration of one man's journey to find his place in a world where the approval of others often shapes our destinies.


In the gripping narrative crafted by director Vicky Anand, our protagonist is a struggling writer who finds himself left behind by the relentless tide of changing literary trends. In a desperate bid to rediscover his creative mojo, he embarks on a solitary journey to the serene landscapes of Megamalai, seeking both solitude and inspiration for his next book. However, as fate would have it, his arrival in Megamalai sets off a series of unfortunate events that ripple through his life in ways he could never have anticipated. Unbeknownst to him, the seemingly idyllic backdrop of Megamalai holds secrets far beyond his imagination, and his presence there unwittingly places not only his own life but the lives of those around him in peril. With a talented cast featuring Dhansika, Mime Gopi, and Jayabalan, this tale promises an enthralling blend of mystery and suspense, where the boundaries between reality and fiction blur, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats. Written by Vicky Anand and Vijay Prakash, this cinematic journey into the unknown is a must-watch for those seeking a thrilling and thought-provoking experience.

Vivaha Avahanam

In the uproarious comedy film directed by Sajan Alummoottil, "Vivaha Avahanam," political rivals Bhaskaran and Prabhakaran find themselves in a hilariously chaotic situation as they attempt to orchestrate the marriage of their respective children, Swathi and Arun. As they vie for the upper hand in this matrimonial endeavor, their rivalry escalates to absurd heights, resulting in repeated bouts of misbehavior that keeps audiences in stitches throughout the film. With a talented ensemble cast that includes Vaibhav Gohil, Rajeev Pillai, and Aju Varghese, "Vivaha Avahanam" promises a riotous ride filled with laughter and unexpected twists. Written by Sajan Alummoottil, Nitaarah Nadhine, and Sangeeth Senan, this film is sure to deliver a memorable and uproarious cinematic experience.


"Makshika" is a chilling and captivating Malayalam short horror mystery film that masterfully weaves together the elements of fear, guilt, and the supernatural. Directed and edited by the talented filmmaker Bilahari, the movie stars the exceptional Bindhu Panicker and the promising Sree Renjini in leading roles. This haunting tale unravels the harrowing experiences of a mother and her daughter, who become inextricably entangled in a nightmarish web of terror.

New Malayalam Releases on OTT in September 2023
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New Malayalam Releases on OTT in September 2023
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New Malayalam Releases on OTT in September 2023
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