Taali Review: Good Story, Poor Execution, Sushmita Sen shines as Shreegauri Sawant

Taali Review
Taali Review

Taali Review: In a world where stories have the power to shape perceptions and inspire change, "Taali" attempts to shine a light on the remarkable journey of Trans activist Shreegauri Sawant. Born into a middle-class family as a boy, Shreegauri embarks on a path of self-discovery, resilience, and battles, ultimately embracing her true identity. While the series does take a commendable step forward by portraying trans individuals as heroes of their stories rather than stereotypes, the execution leaves something to be desired.

Taali: Story Review

One of the notable aspects of "Taali" is its empathetic lens towards the transgender community. It seeks to counter harmful clichés by presenting trans characters as humans rather than plot devices. However, a pertinent question arises: Can a cis-gendered Miss Universe portrayal replace an authentic trans representation? The recent casting of Trinetra in "Made In Heaven" season 2 comes to mind, underscoring the significance of genuine trans representation.

Penned by Kshitij Patwardhan, "Taali" starts with noble intentions. It aims to showcase Shreegauri's fight for equality and identity, two aspects that are often taken for granted by the cis-gendered population. Sushmita Sen's presence as Shreegauri does bring moments of empathy to the narrative. While the attempt is valiant, it falls short of fully encapsulating Shreegauri's humanity, occasionally feeling like Sen is shouldering the weight of the entire show.

Sushmita Sen's performance

Sushmita Sen, in what can be described as her prime era, delivers an outstanding performance as Shreegauri Sawant. Following her success in "Aarya," Sen continues to shine in "Taali." She seamlessly embodies Shreegauri, adopting her mannerisms, and emotions, and even altering her voice to become one with the character. The attention to detail is evident, with carefully applied beard pores lending an authenticity rarely seen on screen.

The debate over casting trans individuals for trans roles remains ongoing, and filmmakers will continue defending their choices. While having a star like Sushmita Sen assume the role of Shreegauri can bring greater visibility to the show and Shreegauri's cause, there's room to include authentic trans representation in secondary roles. Achieving a balance between star power and genuine representation is a challenge that demands consideration.

Surface-Level Execution and Missed Opportunities

While "Taali" holds Sushmita Sen's portrayal as its centerpiece, the show struggles with execution. Despite starting with a compelling premise, it remains superficial for much of its runtime. The narrative fails to delve deep into Shreegauri's life and experiences. Characters enter and exit the story without meaningful exploration, leaving many avenues unexplored.

For instance, the portrayal of Ankur Bhatia's character as a gay activist could have offered insight into his struggles, but the show merely scratches the surface. Similarly, Shreegauri's journey towards motherhood is reduced to one scene, missing the opportunity to delve into this significant aspect of her life. The sanitization and over-dramatization of the show lead to a sense of detachment, disconnecting viewers from the reality of the characters' lives and struggles.

Taali Review
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Taali Review
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Taali Review
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