Ashok Singhal Inaugurates NE's 1st Altigreen Brand Centre in Guwahati

Altigreen opted to partner with the best in Guwahati – Green Valley Autoworks LLP.
Ashok Singhal Inaugurates Altigreen Retail Experience Centre in Guwahati
Ashok Singhal Inaugurates Altigreen Retail Experience Centre in Guwahati

India’s leading commercial electric vehicle maker Altigreen today inaugurated its brand new retail experience centre in Guwahati – Gateway to the North East. This is the company’s 22nd retail dealership in India, following the launches in major metros like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Much like Altigreen’s experience centers in other cities, the new dealership in Guwahati will allow EV enthusiasts to access Altigreen’s range of electric cargo vehicles. Altigreen opted to partner with the best in Guwahati – Green Valley Autoworks LLP.

The Green Valley Group of Companies was started by Mr. Pulak Goswami, with the company- M/s. Green Valley Travels Pvt. Ltd., in 1979 and has been involved with the transportation and Dealership Businesses for more than 40 years and is now joined by his children -Richa Goswami (since 2015) and Abhishek Goswami (since 2020).

With the automobile business in India shifting towards electric, Green Valley group forayed into the electric market with a venture into two new segments- 2 wheeler electric dealership in Nov 2022 and now with Altigreen Dealership- under the company Green Valley Autoworks LLP.

The Altigreen Retail Experience Centre in Guwahati was launched at the hands of Ashok Singhal – Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Irrigation along with Dr Amitabh Saran – Founder and CEO, Altigreen Propulsion Labs.

With the launch of this retail dealership, Altigreen is focussing on providing its consumers an enhanced and never-seen-before experience with world-class and modern infrastructure. Every element of the dealership has been designed to lend a welcoming feel especially to the autorickshaw drivers walking in out of curiosity.

Altigreen has left no stone unturned to ensure the dealership reflects the company’s ethos of respect, empathy, and gaining the trust of consumers through transparent dialogue.

Dr Amitabh Saran, Founder and CEO, Altigreen, said, “We are very grateful for the opportunity to makeGuwahatia cleaner, greener and pollution-free place.Green Valley has decades of experience in the automobile and logistics businesswhich will be very helpful in strengthening its EV reach across the state. Altigreenwould continue to offer the best-suited EVs for Indian cargo and passenger mobility needs.”

Ashok Singhal Inaugurates Altigreen Retail Experience Centre in Guwahati
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Speaking on the occasion, Richa Goswami- Group Director of Green Valley Group of companies, said, “We are happy to contribute to the government's dedication to promote environmental sustainability, as stated by the finance minister in the budget 2023-24.The State government is targeting at phasing out all fossil fuel based commercial fleet, government vehicles, and logistics vehicles in all Assam cities by 2030. We are very proud to begin our partnership with Altigreen and support them in their mission of accelerating carbon-free transport while making it accessible and affordable.”

Altigreen recently completed ten years of formation, playing a pioneering role in the EV space in the country. The company is constantly ramping up its capabilities through innovation and has aggressive expansion plans to widen its pan-India presence and cater to the rising demand. Altigreen’s product offering is standing on four strong pillars: longest range, largest volumetric capacity, highest ground clearance, and greatest torque.

The company’s commercial electric 3W offering neEV recently achieved the feat of completing 150+ kms intercity drive between two iconic places of Karnataka, i.e. Mysore Palace and Bangalore Palace, on a single charge in about six hours. In addition, the company recently announced a partnership to launch the fastest-charged 3-wheeler while offering over 100 chargers in Bengaluru itself.

Ashok Singhal Inaugurates Altigreen Retail Experience Centre in Guwahati
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