Four Cotton Univ Students Arrested in BJP Leader Assault Case

Several other students of the university who were involved in the alleged assault case are absconding.
BJP Leader Bijoy Pathak
BJP Leader Bijoy Pathak

At least four students of Cotton University have been arrested so far in connection to the assault of a BJP leader.

According to sources, the arrested students have been identified as Mriganka Kashyap, Hrishikesh Das, Sanjay Rangthal and Mousum Mahanta who are kept in lock-up in Pan Bazar Police Station.

Sanjay was nabbed from Guwahati Airport while he was on the run.

Meanwhile, several other students of the university who were involved in the alleged assault case are absconding.

The police have been trying to track their mobile location and there is a possibility of many other students to be arrested.

Interacting with the media, Hrishikesh's father said, "As a parent, we send our children to study but we do not get any information regarding what they are doing. We ask them what they are doing or how are their studies going on, and they always answer us by saying that it is going well. We have kept them in hostels thinking that they will be under strict vigilance of the university and hostel wardens however, we do not have any idea what is going on inside the hostels."

"As a citizen I against such kind of incidents. If he is guilty then I am upset with him and if he is not then I don't have much to say," he added.

He further said that he don't believes that Hrishikesh was under the influence of alcohol when the alleged incident took place.

Notably, last Saturday night, a gang of at least 30 youths from Guwahati allegedly attacked the general secretary of BJP Guwahati unit with sticks and rods. 

The incident took place near the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) at Guwahati Railway Station. 

The victim BJP leader identified as Bijoy Pathak was beaten black and blue by the youths and had to get 21 stitches on his head. 

BJP Leader Bijoy Pathak
Gang of At Least 30 Youths Thrash BJP Leader With Rods, Sticks In Guwahati

Speaking to media, Bijoy Pathak said, “I was about to come out of my car to have some tea near the RBI, when three youths came in a bike from the back and rammed into my vehicle. They seemed to be drunk. When I questioned them why they were riding bikes in an inebriated condition? they behaved rudely and called up their friends on phone. Around 30 youths came and started to beat me with rods and sticks.”

The victim then lodged an FIR at the Pan Bazar police station in connection to the case and alleged that the hooligans belonged to one of the reputed universities in the city.

Reacting to the incident, Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) Mayor, Mrigen Sarania said, “Such kind of hooliganism won’t be tolerated in the city. Every boys and girls wishes to come here in the city to study at the said university, but with such incidents being reported, the university management should immediately take action against the perpetrators.” 

Sarania also claimed that even the hostel boarders of the said university are not safe, thus, students involved in hooliganism should be expelled immediately. 

Meanwhile, Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) Superintendent, Abhijit Sarma said, “A physical assault case was reported near Paltan Bazar railway station. The incident was reported at 12 am in the midnight. The patient was brought to GMCH at around 12.24 am. Patient was attended by Surgery unit and was discharged with ASD with suturing after ortho opinion was taken. The patient again came at around 1.30 pm on Saturday for some more medical tests." 

BJP Leader Bijoy Pathak
Clash Erupts Between Boarders of SMH and RKB Hostels at Cotton University

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