Imperial Crown, Operation Unicorn and Europe Amidst Crisis

It was said that the sun never sets on the British Empire as the empire was extended into every corner of the world.
Imperial Crown, Operation Unicorn and Europe Amidst Crisis
Imperial Crown, Operation Unicorn and Europe Amidst Crisis

Britain began its imperial colonization in the 16th century by spreading its rule and power beyond the borders. There are only 22 countries which were never invaded by the Britain. This imperialism alone changed the whole socio-political and economical scenario around the world many moons ago. It molded and shaped the contemporary lifestyle of the whole world. For which one might hate the imperialism but one can’t neglect what it brought with it.

The 16th century which is often coined as the ‘age of discovery’ was the age of British Empire to set their sail to explore new lands which later turned into colonization.

It was said that the sun never sets on the British Empire as the empire was extended into every corner of the world. This imperialism brought fortune for Britain. People were enslaved, killed in wars and rebellions. All the resources were stolen and shipped to Britain.

Atrocities of the British Empire started with the colonization of Ireland, transatlantic slavery tradition, famine in India, Opium wars and the rising of Mau Mau revolt are only the beginning of this exploitation to talk about. The Empire ruled over 458 million people by 1922. The only question is where does it start and where does it end?

Queen Elizabeth II was not any exception to these atrocities. She saw and overlooked all the wrong doing of the Empire. The Queen never apologized for the horrendous cruelties and economic deprivation caused to the Black and Brown skinned people around the world. Balfour declaration, the subsequent coercive repression of the Palestine and the grueling forays into Yemen, Rhodesia, Kenya and Cyprus are only few of the examples of the monarchy. The Queen lived luxuriously with the wealth from slavery and colonialism. The Queen approved of many of the residential schools that indoctrinated, abused and murdered the young in Canada.

The Queen passed away on September 8 after reigning for more than 70 years. Immediately ‘Operation Unicorn’ spread like forest fire among the whole country. Operation Unicorn is a preparation process of the Queen’s funeral if she passed away in Scotland instead of England. However, the message with cipher ‘London Bridge is down’ was conveyed for the civilians.

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The introspection of the monarch was necessary in order to understand the outcomes of the funeral into Britain. The contemporary geo-political world depends on diplomatic relations with each other. The world cannot afford another war, another economical blockage in the current scenario. Europe is already going through a devastating economical crisis for various reasons.

The former Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson was one of the most unsuccessful Prime Minister in the country's history. The affect continues in the reign of the current Prime Minister Liz Truss’s reign. The newly elected Prime Minister already announced what United Kingdom and Europe going through. The value of Euro is lower than Dollar for the first time in 20 years.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict already affected the international market and inflated the prices. Among all these, Russia closed the Nord Stream Pipeline to lower the export of natural gas to Europe. This automatically brought down the export rate to 20 percent from 35 percent. The left out 15 percent is a huge cut for Europe. It raised the price of gas from 272 euro per megawatt to 274 euro per megawatt. For which Germany already declared to spend 65 Billion Euros for their citizens. It is 25 percent of Germany’s GDP. Now, one can imagine what Europe will go through in the next few months.

The Royal family already announced to spend 6 Billion Euros for the funeral process of the Queen. It is nothing less than a fortune in this time of crisis. 23 countries of Europe have more than 100 Billion of Euro’s GDP. Only seven counties of Europe have above 1 Trillion GDP.

Why is it necessary to organize such a huge ceremonial funeral? it will be the first time after Winston Churchill’s demise when someone will get such homage.

Interestingly most of the mourners are from the race once exploited by the monarchy. And it is almost sure that the fallen economy of Britain will soon collapse on the shoulders of the global market. Who will save third world countries then?

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