The Bitter Battle For The Vice-Presidential Post

After electing the NDA-nominated Droupadi Murmu as the President of India, the party has nominated Jagdeep Dhankhar, the governor of West Bengal for the post of Vice President.
Battle for Vice-Presidential elections
Battle for Vice-Presidential elections

The future of Indian politics resides with every other election and post that forms a democratic government or distributes the power to operate and take decisions in the time of need.

After electing the NDA-nominated Droupadi Murmu as the President of India, the party has nominated Jagdeep Dhankhar, the governor of West Bengal for the post of Vice President. The opposition has nominated Margaret Alva, the former governor of Rajasthan as their candidate for the post.

It is only a matter of a few hours for India to see the face of the newly elected Vice-President as the voting will end at 5 pm. Whether the rising moon will shine on NDA’s candidate cum West Bengal’s governor Jagdeep Dhankhar or opposition’s nominated Margaret Alva?

While both the candidates run a bitter battle for the post, the stake of votes are in Jagdeep Dhankhar’s favor and the fear that eating the opposition out alive is the doubt of witnessing cross voting by their own members, which they already witnessed in the election for the Presidential post. This great havoc was later controlled in the name of sheer confusion during the voting process but was already on air with a different opinion of in-house horse trading of votes.

Let us also take a look at the powers given to the post of Vice President to understand how it will change the course of Indian Politics in the future. While it might look like just another official post of the government, the Vice-President holds the power to break a tie voting in the senate and is the first successor in the line of the Presidential post. The Vice-President is also a member of the Parliament of our country and the ex incumbent chairman of the Council of States. Along with that the Vice-President remains the Chancellor of all the Central Universities of India. The Vice-President is also the first advisor of the President of India.

However, it raises one crucial question of India walking towards the path of China’s “One Nation, One Party” model. The current BJP government has the control of 12 states among 36 and majority of the seats in legislative councils of most of the states.

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On the other hand, the most appealing states for BJP to take over in the next few years are Maharashtra, West Bengal and Kerala; Out of which Maharashtra government has already witnessed a fall in the past two months because of cronyism and BJP was successful to form a government in Maharashtra. Kerala remains a dream for any right-wing political party for the highly influential Marxist and Communist ideologies guarded by personalities like Sitaram Yechury or Prakash Karat. This leads us to only one state - West Bengal.

The NDA nominated Jagdeep Dhankhar never missed a chance to school the kleptocracy of the autocratic ruling party of West Bengal.

Margaret Alva, who was only 3 years old when India was declared independent, has witnessed the changing colors of Indian politics since Independence to till date. Alva after serving four states i.e. Goa, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Gujarat as the governor is supposed to be well-versed with the contemporary politics of India. Alva was also the Joint Secretary of All India Congress Committee and a senior figure of Indian National Congress. Nominating Margaret Alva was a wise move by the political dynasty later turned to Nepotism, Indian National Congress.

While the current NDA government mastered the art of campaigning, the INC is still far behind to learn the art. Not to question the intention of the Vice-Presidential Electoral Committee but if Jagdeep Dhankhar is elected; the vast majority of the population will accept it as another master stroke by BJP. On the other hand if Margaret Alva is elected, INC will be excused from being traceless in the future for at least till the next constituency election.

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