Artists in Assam Face Economic Crisis, Seek Government Assistance

Lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic had hit the entire artist community in the state economically.
Guwahati Artists' Guild
Guwahati Artists' Guild

Several artists in Assam are facing a dire consequence because of a lack of platform to showcase their creations during the post-Covid period, leading to an economic crisis for them.

Lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic had hit the entire artist community in the state economically. It’s after effects can still be felt even during the post-Covid period as the community is still in the stage of revival.

The artistes associated with music and cinema has found some hope after the state government has removed the various restrictions in place during the pandemic.

Artists can this year perform at Bihu functions across the state, which will help them to earn.

Nevertheless, the situation is not the same for painters, sculptors and architects. They still lack a proper market to showcase their crafts.

While some artists choose to exhibit and promote their various creations online, the others are hoping that the state government would hold special exhibitions or art festival through which they can bring their work to the public.

The main reason for this is that people have not recognized these artists professionally in the state.

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Artist and recipient of the Lalit Kala Academi Award, Kishore Das has blamed the lack of interest of the public in art that has led to the apathy of artists.

“People of Assam are yet to recognize and give respect to the efforts of artists like us. We also do not have a stage or any particular festival to perform like musicians and actors do,” said Kishore Das.

“People also do not turn up in large numbers during art exhibitions. They are also very reluctant to buy paintings,” Das said.

He also said that artists like sculptors, painters and different craftsmen work silently without being recognized.

“We had requested the cultural department of our state to help the artist community by organizing a ‘Kala Mela’ or an art festival where we can exhibit our works. We have been fighting for our rights, but the government has turned a deaf ear to our repeated pleas,” he said.

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