As Jihadis Expand Base In Assam Through Smuggling, 2 Kingpins Held

As Jihadis Expand Base In Assam Through Smuggling, 2 Kingpins Held

In a major breakthrough, two suspected kingpins of jihadi organisations have been nabbed by law and order enforcement agencies on Tuesday from Ulubari in Guwahati.

The suspects detained have been for interrogation are Javed and Mustaq.

An alarming situation has aroused concerning the internal security of Indian states including Assam and terrorist organisations especially Jihadist outfits have formed a huge network in 24 states in India including the Northeastern states. According to reports, the JMB, New JMB, Jamatul Mujahiddin, Al-Qaida etc, the terrorist groups which have been banned by the world runs their operation from New Delhi.

The digital desk of Asomiya Pratidin and Pratidin Time have carried previous news reports on this matter.

The previous reports had said that three special business tycoons are involved in these smugglings from South East Asian countries to different parts of the world. Out of these three businessmen, two of them have settled in Guwahati and runs the smuggling from Myanmar via Mizoram, Dimapur, and smuggled the illegal things to Bangladesh.

Both Mustak and Javed are smuggling coal, gold, cattle, drugs etc. brought from Myanmar and smuggled to Assam, Dimapur, Meghalaya. They have also found a path for smuggling cows bought from Bihar, Punjab, Jharkhand etc, and smuggled to Bangladesh to Garo Hills and other parts of the Northeast. The report said that cattle which are bought at Rs. 10-15 thousand or 20000 which has been sold at Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1 lakh in Bangladesh.

According to the Central Investigating Agency, these terror outfits have managed the border police and top officials of the headquarters to continue their smuggling process, the reports mentioned.

Further, it also stated that these two businessmen gifted foreign cars to the officials associated with the investigating agency to manage the ongoing snuggling process.

It may be mentioned that according to police, the two business tycoons who are associated with the smuggling the entire process has been looked after as normal law and order situation other than the terror activities.

Reports have also been revealed that soon after it came to light, the Assam Police have started an internal investigation and seized to foreign cars without any valid documents.

According to sources in the central investigation agency, although the police have seized the cars gifted by these jihadis, it was not known yet as to where the second car has gone.

The Assam Police have been taking measures to control the drugs smuggling in different parts of the state by reshuffling the higher-rank officials in the state.

A large-scale search operation has also been conducted by the police in different districts and found a large number of illegal chupari, coal, drugs etc. in Dhubri, Bongaigaon, Marigaon, Meghalaya border, Nagaon, Hojai etc.

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