Assam: Cachar Cop Suspended After Convict Jumps Custody, Kills Self

The accused in a domestic violence case managed to escape from custody and committed suicide, as per reports.
A policeman in Assam's Cachar was suspended
A policeman in Assam's Cachar was suspendedREPRESENTATIVE

A policeman in Assam’s Cachar district was suspended for lapse in performing his duty on Tuesday.

As per reports, the Inspector in-Charge (IC) of Bihara in Cachar was suspended after a convict in a domestic violence case committed suicide after fleeing from the police station.

According to information received, charges of lapse in security that allowed the apprehended person to flee, have been leveled against the official.

The cop in question has been identified as Subarna Das. He was suspended based on orders from the Cachar Superintendent of Police (SP).

It has come to the fore that the person who committed suicide, identified as Jamir Uddin, had been detained for allegedly assaulting his wife.

Earlier on January 28 in a similar type of case, the officer in-charge of Bengtol Police Outpost in the Chirang district of Assam was suspended after he allegedly took the side of the perpetrators in a gang-rape incident.

According to reports, a woman, who claimed to have been the victim of sexual assault and abuse, reached the police outpost to file a complaint.

A policeman in Assam's Cachar was suspended
Chirang: Bengtol OC Suspended For Siding With Accused In Rape Case

However, instead of investigating her complaints, the Bengtol OC reportedly mocked her and sided with the accused that were named by the victim.

The cop in question was identified as sub-inspector (SI) Afzal Hussain. After she was turned away by the police, she went to the media at first and then courted the Chirang superintendent of police (SP) Pranjit Bora.

The matter soon spread like wildfire and became a topic of discussion, after which the Chirang SP decided to issue suspension orders to the Bengtol OC with immediate effect.

Later on, the tainted cop was arrested after the incident gained a lot of attention. A thorough probe was launched into the matter after the woman courted the Chirang SP. Three out of the seven accused in the case had also been arrested in connection with the matter.

A policeman in Assam's Cachar was suspended
Chirang: Bengtol OC Arrested For Negligence To Duty

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