Assam: Leopard Causes Terror At Sonari Early Morning

Assam: Leopard Causes Terror At Sonari Early Morning
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A leopard has caused terror early morning at Sonari of Assam on Monday.

According to sources, the leopard has been trapped in a chicken cage last night.

Locals believe that the leopard came in search of food at the night and got himself trapped in the chicken cage.

The incident has taken place at the residence of Ramesh Keot of Banfera village in Sonari.

Meanwhile, the forest officials are being contacted and the tiger would be taken to a safe place.

No harm or destruction has been reported so far. However, the tiger has eaten the chickens of the victim Ramesh Keot.

Lately, many incidents of tiger and elephants getting into human habitations have been reported.

This is because of the enchroachment of forest habitat resulting in minimizing the space for the wild animals to survive.

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