Assam: Pvt Hospitals, Clinics Charge High Rates for COVID-19 Tests

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As the COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly and people are feared of getting infected with the virus, they rush to hospitals for conducting the tests but the different rates in the hospitals have put the people in a dilemma as different hospitals charge different rates amid the governments fixed rate.

People going to hospitals to conduct the tests have complained that the rates in private hospitals and clinics are high than the government approved rates. The price for a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) at most places have been fixed at Rs. 500 while the rate of RT-PCR has been fixed at Rs. 1000-1200 to even Rs. 2400.

While the government hospitals conduct the tests for free, the private hospitals charge different rates keeping the people in dilemma. As not all people could afford the rates at private hospitals they rush to government hospitals but due to the non-availability of testing kits, people have to return back without getting tested.

The Assam government in an order dated April 27 had fixed the rates of COVID-19 for private hospitals and laboratories but it seems that the order has been neglected by the respective hospitals in conducting the tests.

The state government has fixed the rate of RT-PCR at Rs. 1200 but most of the laboratories and private hospitals charge a high rate for COVID-19 tests.

One of the reputed hospitals in Guwahati Down Town Hospital charge Rs. 2400 in RT-PCR test from a patient. The hospital provides two receipts of Rs. 1200 each for different categories.

On the other hand, Nemcare Hospital charges Rs. 1300 for COVID-19 test, while Dispur Polyclinic charge Rs. 700 for RT-PCR test. Aruna Memorial and Chatribari Christian Hospital which are under Apollo Clinic charge Rs. 1500 from a patient for RT-PCR Test.

The other hospitals like Ayursundra charge Rs. 1200, Dr. Lal Pathlab charges Rs. 800 while Eco Pathlab charges Rs. 700 for the test.

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