Bimal Bora Reviews Dighalipukhuri Situation

Bimal Bora Reviews Dighalipukhuri Situation

Assam Minister Bimal Bora visited Dighalipukhuri on Wednesday.

As per sources, the minister visited Dighalipukhuri to take note of the situation after the death of more than 1000 fishes.

He further ordered another test on the water of Dighalipukhuri.

It was reported that the death of the fishes was due to lack of oxygen.

The fishes had started dying since Saturday but the fisheries department and Guwahati Police have been informed only on Sunday morning.

The fishes found dead weighed between one to ten kilogrammes. The dead fishes include (as pronounced in Assamese) Rohu, Bhokua, Mirika, Silver Karpa, Kamal Karpa, and Japanese Kawai.

Moreover, it has also been suspected that poor cleanliness of the pond especially with the felling of branches of trees could also lead to the surge in deaths of the fishes.

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