Lachit Borphukan Quotes To Remember on his 400th Birth Anniversary

Quotes by Lachit Borphukan
Quotes by Lachit BorphukanPratidin Time

As Lachit Divas (celebrated every year on 24th November) is nearing, it is important to remember the bravery of Lachit Borphukan. We all must be grateful for his sacrifice and contribution to Assamese society. This post is a tribute to one of the most courageous patriots of Assam. 

In this post, let us remember some of the famous quotes by Lachit Borphukan, Ahom General during the conflict with the Mughals. We will also look at some words of appreciation for Lachit Borphukan, as expressed by the Mughals, despite being badly defeated by the Ahom army.

10 Inspiring Quotes By Lachit Borphukan

  • When Lachit's uncle was unsuccessful in completing war preparation work on time, he executed him without a second thought. He said- "My uncle is not greater than my country."

  • "When my countrymen are suffering from invasion, and when my army is fighting and sacrificing its life, how can I think about resting my body due to a mere illness? How can I think about going home to my wife and children when my entire country is in trouble?"

  • On a certain occasion, Lachit said the following by referring to the Mughals- "What are the enemies? They are after all ordinary mortals. Shall we not find similar men in our own country? Your majesty should only confer the dust of your feet, and the man equal to the occasion will be readily found."

  •  "I would like to say that we are prepared to fight as long as there remains a drop of blood in our veins." - Lachit Barphukan 

  • "It's a tragedy that my country is facing this dire catastrophe during my Phukanship. How will my king be saved? How will my people be saved? And how will my posterity be saved?" - Lachit Barphukan 

  • "Tell your men I am going to die on this spot, and I never think of abandoning my charge. I have brought a slice of earth on the top of Chila Hill which will provide sufficient accommodation for my remains. If I survive I shall go after all the people have left this place."

  •  When the Mughals accused Ahoms of fighting at night, Lachit Barphukan responded saying,"It must be remembered that lions alone fight at night, while others fight during the daytime whether on land or in water."

  • On one occasion, the Mughals threatened the Ahom army saying "The Borphukan should evacuate Gauhati. Our army is as numerous as the poppy seeds in this bag." Lachit Barphukan responded saying, "The poppy seeds, if pounded down, will become a thin paste. Our army is as numerous and indissoluble as the sands in the tube despatched herewith." 

  •  "He has come over a long distance undergoing fatigue in his journey, and the provisions may be inadequate for his purpose. Our Majesty the Heavenly King has nothing unavailable to him. If the Rajput Raja falls short of materials, let him ask me, and I shall try to oblige him." 

  • "Tell Raja Ram Singha that we want to know why he has come to our country. Besides, war is not the only method of settling issues. We have four avenues mentioned in the political scriptures-conciliation, gifts, dissension and open ruptures. One proves to be a knowing man if he can tune his measures to the exigency of the situation."

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After being defeated repeatedly, the Mughals understood that they could never conquer Assam. And despite being war enemies, the Mughals too had words of admiration for the Assamese soldiers.

Quotes about Lachit Borphukan by the Mughals

  • "Glory to the king! Glory to the counsellors! Glory to the commanders! Glory to the country! One single individual leads all the forces! Even I, Ram Singha, being personally on the spot, have not been able to find any loophole and opportunity!"

  • After fighting for a full year, the Mughals finally began to withdraw from India on April 5, 1671 AD. Ahead of his departure, Ram Singha visited the Hayagriva-Madhava temple at Hazo to pray and inform the Brahman priests in charge of the shrine. He said,"Barphukan is not a hero of an ordinary calibre; the fortifications are complex and intricate, and I could not, therefore, obtain any loophole for the attack." 

  •  "Every Assamese soldier is expert in rowing boats, in shooting arrows, in digging trenches, and in wielding guns and cannon. I have not seen such specimens of versatility in any other part of India." -Mughal army led by Ram Singha of Ahom army.

  •  "One who comes to fight against Assam should be thrashed on the cheek by scavengers with their broomsticks." - Mughal army led by Ram Singha of Ahom army.

  • "I have not refrained from fighting, but it has proved useless. As there are no fields, fights by spears, shields and guns are an impossible affair. The Assamese have erected an impenetrable wall of defence on both banks. There is the possibility of one naval fight only." 

  • "Please explain why a Kshatriya like myself has not been able to attain any success. What are the peculiar features of Ahom strategy and wherein lies their invincibility? Who are their commanders and what are their names?"

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The role of Lachit Borphukan in maintaining the democracy and demographic of Assam is so immense that in true meaning, the opening few chapters of any history book would be lacking without the account of Lachit Borphukan.

As citizens of Assam, let us pledge to never forget all that he has done for his motherland.

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