APW Files Statement Against Prateek Hajela In The CID

APW Files Statement Against Prateek Hajela In The CID

Assam Public Works President Abhijit Sharma filed a statement in the CID against IAS Prateek Hajela.

The statement was filed on Wednesday with allegations of massive fraud in the name of family tree verification against Ex State Co-oridinator of National Register of Citizens, Assam.

As per sources, IAS Prateek Hajela with his close associates along with some other officials with migrant background, data operators and some Minority leaders have done some kind of manipulation with the family tree verification of NRC.

The statement filed by APW also added that many complaints came in from the people of family tree verification being manipulated.

Suspected foreigners in the draft NRC used illegal means to include their names in the NRC under the treasonous leadership of Prateek Hajela, said the statement.

According to reports, referring to an affidavit filed by Mr. Hajela's successor Hitesh Dev Sarma in the Supreme Court and Gauhati High Court, the APW said the NRC list had many anomalies and the names of many illegal and doubtful persons were included.

Published in August 2019, the draft NRC had left out the names of 19.06 lakh of some 3.3 crore applicants.

APW further added that the inclusion of a very high percentage of illegal and doubtful persons' names in the NRC pointed to manipulations in the family tree verification.

"We suspect that Prateek Hajela and his close associates in collaboration with some officers of migrant background, data entry operators, some minority leaders and some anti-national elements used the government mechanism to insert the names of the illegal migrants in the updated NRC," stated the FIR.

Mr. Abhijeet Sharma said the family tree verification would have been fool-proof had it been done properly. Under such verification, all the offspring of a legacy person (a pre-1971 resident with whom the citizenship link is sought to be established) were asked to submit their family details that were analysed digitally.

According to what was stated in the FIR, the family tree verification did not work properly as most NRC officials working in immigrant-dominated areas belonged to the immigrant community whose citizenship was never verified.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister has called for a special inquiry team to investigate on the matter.

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