Delhi Excise Policy: Accused Businessman Offers To Disclose Facts Against Impunity

No pressure, no threats by CBI or anyone else to do this, in response to Court's question, he said.
Delhi businessman who is an accused in the excise policy case has offered to disclose facts against impunity | REPRESENTATIVE
Delhi businessman who is an accused in the excise policy case has offered to disclose facts against impunity | REPRESENTATIVE

Businessman Dinesh Arora, an accused in the Delhi excise policy case on Monday said he is ready to make true disclosure voluntarily about his role in the case and agreed on an approver in the case.

He said, "I am ready to make a voluntary and true disclosure with respect to my role in the commission of the alleged offences. I have also cooperated in the investigation of the case by CBI and have made true statements before the Investigation officer. I have also made a confessional statement before the ACMM regarding facts and events pertaining to the commission of alleged offences".

Arora said, "I have seen CBI's application and it has been filed with the request of the grant of pardon to me as I am ready to voluntarily make a true and full disclosure of all the facts pertaining to this case as the same are within my knowledge."

"I request to be granted a pardon in this case. I have agreed without any pressure, undue influence or coaxing by CBI or any other. I am also ready to abide by all the terms and conditions which the court may impose upon me, added the Arora," Arora added.

No pressure, no threats by CBI or anyone else to do this, in response to Court's question, he said.

He sought to be tendered pardon on appropriate conditions, as he is ready to disclose all facts and circumstances with respect to this case as per his knowledge, Court took note.

Arora's counsel on Monday also moved an application for in-camera proceedings, saying that it is a sensitive matter and media should be kept out at this early stage. CBI does not oppose the application for in-camera proceedings. Court says it will pass the order on incamera later in the evening.

After taking note of the submissions/oath made by Dinesh Arora in the Court, Special Judge MK Nagpal on Monday deferred the matter for November 14 for

arguments regarding Arora's application for pardon. Court noted that he voluntarily requested pardon while agreeing to disclose true info about the case as per his knowledge, and this has been done without any pressure or undue influence by CBI or anyone else

The Court was hearing the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) plea moved under 306 Crpc to make businessman Dinesh Arora, an accused, an approver/witness in the Delhi excise policy case.

A few days ago, the same court granted anticipatory bail to Dinesh Arora after CBI didn't oppose the bail plea in the case.

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The Court noted that CBI in its reply against the anticipatory bail plea, stated that the applicant has supported the investigation and disclosed certain facts which are vital for the investigation; hence, the CBI has no objection if the anticipatory bail is granted to the applicant by this court.

Court further noted that, though, from the contents of the reply filed by CBI, no

immediate apprehensions about the arrest of the applicant, in this case, appear to be made out, but still, keeping in view the fact that the applicant is one of the accused who are named in FIR and further keeping in view the fact that he is stated to have made some statements before the Investigation Officer (IO) which are self-inculpatory in nature.

It is directed that in the event that the applicant is required to be arrested in this case in the future, he shall be released on bail on furnishing of a personal bond in the sum of Rs. One Lakh with one surety in the like amount to the satisfaction of the IO.

However, it is subject to the condition that he shall continue to join the investigation as and when he may be summoned to do so and will fully cooperate in the investigation, added the court.

Arora's anticipatory bail application was moved when Vijay Nair was arrested by the CBI and Sameer Mahendru was arrested by the ED.

Later CBI arrested Hyderabad-based businessman Abhishek Boinpally in an ongoing investigation of a case related to alleged irregularities in framing and implementation of the excise policy of GNCTD of Delhi.

On September 27, CBI arrested businessman Vijay Nair, former CEO of event management company Only Much Louder, during an investigation concerning the Delhi Excise Policy scam.

In August, CBI registered a case in the Excise Policy scam and issued a Lookout Circular (LOC) against eight private persons named as accused in the Excise Policy case.

Among the accused, public servants are Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, the then Excise Commissioner Arva Gopi Krishna, Deputy Commissioner Anand Tiwari and Assistant Commissioner Pankaj Bhatnagar.

The others are Manoj Rai, a former employee of Pernod Ricard; Amandeep Dhal, director of Brindco Sales; Sameer Mahendru, managing director of Indospirit Group; Buddy Retail and its director Amit Arora, Dinesh Arora, Mahadev Liquors, its authorised signatory Sunny Marwah and Arjun Pandey.

(With inputs from ANI)

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