GNWL: General Waiting List Tickets – Know Train Ticket Types & Confirmation Chances

What is General Waiting List (GNWL)?
GNWL: General Waiting List Tickets – Know Train Ticket Types & Confirmation Chances

The complexity of these technical terms may make it challenging for the average user to comprehend what TQWL, RLWL, or PQWL mean. However, General Waiting Lists (GNWL) are simply waitlisted tickets that are given out when a passenger starts their trip at the route's starting station or at stations nearby. 

In other words, “The General Quota, also known as the General Waiting List (GNWL), is the primary waiting list for a train and is typically reserved for passengers boarding at (or near) the train's origin station and transferring to the terminating station. A General Wait List (GNWL or just WL) is created once all of the General Quota tickets have been sold.”

GNWL Ticket Confirmation Chances?

When RAC tickets are canceled, GNWL ticket holders are given priority over them. The likelihood that a spot on this waiting list will open up is the highest. You can, however, check the IRCTC website to see the likelihood of your ticket being confirmed. You can also download the IRCTC app for mobile devices to get more information. 

All about WL tickets-Waiting List Tickets 

  • The passenger is on the waitlist if the status of their ticket is indicated by the letters "WL" followed by a number. The ticket can only be confirmed if the passengers who had previously made reservations for the same trip cancel their tickets. 

  • For instance, if the status is GNWL 13 / WL 9, it means that there are 9 people on the waiting list for the ticket, and it will only be confirmed if those 9 people cancel their reservations for the same trip. GNWL/AVAILABLE indicates that the status of the ticket is currently "confirmed," as some earlier-booked passengers have canceled their reservations. 

  • After the preparation of the chart, if the passenger's status is still waitlisted, they will not be assigned a berth. A cancellation fee of Rs. 60 is taken from each person whose name is on the waitlist if the cancellation is made 48 hours prior to the train's departure. 

  • Upon completion of the final chart preparation, if all of the passengers on an e-ticket are waitlisted, the ticket is automatically canceled, and the full amount is returned to the user's account. In this case, the passengers are advised not to board the train. 

  • The e-ticket does not automatically cancel if at least one passenger has RAC or confirmed status while the other passengers on the same ticket have waiting list status, and the passengers are permitted to board the train.

  • If a ticket is CNF (confirmed) or RAC (reservation against cancellation), the traveler has been assured a seat, but not if it is WL (waiting list).

GNWL: General Waiting List Tickets – Know Train Ticket Types & Confirmation Chances
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