GTA V Tips for you: Follow these tips to enjoy the best game experience

GTA V Tips for you
GTA V Tips for you

GTA V Tips for you: Mastering the bustling streets of Los Santos in GTA Online may seem like a daunting task, especially for newcomers to the criminal playground. With a steady influx of players joining in, thanks to GTA Online's release as a standalone game, there's no denying the game's enduring popularity over almost a decade. Navigating through a vast array of properties, weapons, vehicles, and more, introduced in 2013, can be overwhelming, but it also means that new players have a wealth of content at their fingertips to kickstart their criminal enterprises. To help you hit the ground running and hold your own against seasoned players, we've gathered some essential GTA Online tips for amassing money, acquiring vehicles, and securing property.

  1. Begin with the GTA 

Online tutorial Getting started in GTA Online requires completing the tutorial section. If you have the standalone version, you can jump right in, but if you own the full GTA 5 game, you might need to complete the Prologue to access GTA Online. The tutorial takes you through character creation and introduces you to the ropes of Los Santos, providing a much-needed cash injection through the GTA Online Career Builder system. While skipping the tutorial is possible, it's highly recommended not to, as it offers a solid introduction to the game's mechanics.

  1. Invest in a decent car and garage 

Owning a top-notch sports car doesn't have to break the bank. By registering for Rockstar's Social Club, you can snag an Elegy RH8 for free, a high-performance two-door speedster resembling the Nissan GT-R. To protect your prized ride, consider investing in Loss/Theft Prevention at LS Customs. Additionally, purchasing a garage (like Unit 124 on Popular St for $25,000) is essential for keeping your vehicles safe and sound.

  1. Secure your cash 

Los Santos is a perilous place, and other players can steal the cash you carry. To safeguard your hard-earned money, make sure to cash it in regularly. You can visit an ATM or, more conveniently, access the Maze Bank website via your in-game phone to make deposits. While the teleportation of funds might remain a mystery, at least your money will be safe!

  1. Save up for your criminal enterprise 

With numerous criminal enterprises available, such as nightclubs, arcades, celebrity agencies, and drug laboratories, carefully choose one to focus on rather than spreading your finances too thin. Setting up a criminal empire comes with significant costs for purchasing properties and equipment, so start by saving up and considering additional add-ons later.

  1. Steal a chopper 

In the sprawling landscape of San Andreas, time is precious. Stealing a helicopter can be a game-changer, saving you valuable travel time. A relatively easy target can be found near the flight school at Los Santos International Airport. Skillfully drive, vault the fence, and make the chopper your own. Let your skyward crime spree begin!

  1. Acquire a high-end apartment 

Before diving into GTA Online's thrilling heists, you'll need to reach level 12 and invest in a high-end apartment. These apartments come with planning boards crucial for organizing heist setups. The cheapest option, Del Perro Heights, can be purchased for $200,000 through the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website on your in-game phone.

  1. Stay alert for Weekly Events 

Rockstar frequently hosts Weekly Events that offer double RP and double cash rewards for specific game modes, usually centered around a theme. Staying updated on these events through Rockstar's Newswire can lead to weekly discounts on cars and properties.

  1. Be a good sport for Rep rewards 

In the world of GTA Online, playing nice has its perks. Helping out fellow players during jobs and avoiding random acts of violence can earn you the "Good Sport" award, often granting extra Reputation Points or cash. Playing well with others in your session can pay off in more ways than one.

  1. Engage in story missions 

While deathmatches and races can become repetitive, the story missions offer a more personalized experience. Characters like Lamar, Gerald, and Simeon Yetarian from GTA 5 make a crossover appearance, offering missions with engaging cutscenes. Completing these tasks not only feels rewarding but also earns you cash and Job/Reputation Points. Access the mission list from the pause menu and take your pick for a unique and thrilling adventure.

GTA V Tips for you
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GTA V Tips for you
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GTA V Tips for you
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