12 Exciting Murder Mysteries Like "Jaane Jaan" To Watch On OTT, From Drishyam 2 To Badlapur

12 Exciting Murder Mysteries Like "Jaane Jaan"
12 Exciting Murder Mysteries Like "Jaane Jaan"

12 Exciting Murder Mysteries Like "Jaane Jaan": In the world of online streaming, "Jaane Jaan" has stirred up quite a buzz. Kareena Kapoor surely made an impactful comeback! While some viewers hail it as an intriguing masterpiece, others have raised questions about how faithfully the text-to-screen adaptation has been executed. Yet, one thing unites all: the undeniable allure of murder mysteries. Once you delve into this genre, it's like a captivating and addictive labyrinth, compelling you to uncover all the concealed secrets. So, if you're a fervent enthusiast of this genre, you're in for a treat. Our curated collection offers a blend of Hindi and English-language releases available on various OTT platforms, allowing you to embark on a thrilling binge-watching marathon! Let's dive into the intriguing world of murder mysteries.

"Drishyam 2" 

The Salgaonkar family thought they had left behind the haunting events of seven years ago, but as they try to move forward, unexpected twists threaten to unveil dark secrets that could shatter the fragile peace they've found. This gripping sequel is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Inspector Shekhawat and his wife are plunged into a nightmare when they lose their child. While Shekhawat immerses himself in solving the enigmatic death of an actor, his wife grapples with her grief under the unforgiving glare of the public eye. You can watch this emotionally charged thriller on Netflix.


Nikhil, a former forensic expert turned teacher, enjoys a seemingly content life with his family. However, his world takes a dark and twisted turn when he teams up with his mentor to track down a serial killer. The chilling narrative unfolds on Jio Cinema.


In a tragic turn of events, Raghu loses his wife and son during a bank robbery. Consumed by grief, Raghu becomes hell-bent on seeking vengeance against Liak and Harman, the perpetrators behind his family's murder. You can catch this tale of retribution on Jio Cinema.

"Glass Onion" 

Tech billionaire Miles Bron's invitation to friends for a getaway on a private Greek island takes a sinister turn when a lifeless body is discovered. Detective Benoit Blanc is summoned to uncover the mysteries of this remote paradise. The suspenseful journey unfolds exclusively on Netflix.

"Murder Mystery" 

A New York police officer and his wife embark on a European vacation with hopes of rekindling their romance. However, a chance encounter thrusts them into a web of intrigue as they are accused of a billionaire's murder. This thrilling comedy mystery is available on Netflix.

"Death On The Nile" 

A picture-perfect honeymoon takes a gruesome turn, thrusting Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot into a thrilling pursuit of a murderer on a luxurious riverboat in Egypt. Witness this captivating tale on Apple TV.

"The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart" 

Alice Hart's life undergoes a dramatic transformation when she relocates to her grandmother's flower farm following the mysterious death of her parents in a fire. This poignant story blooms on Amazon Prime Video.

"The Jengaburu Curse" 

A London analyst's quest to find her missing father leads her back to Odisha, where she stumbles upon a covert bauxite mining conspiracy supported by a global network. Mysterious deaths and community displacement follow, all uncovered on SonyLiv.


In the eerie town of Riverdale, teenagers Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica navigate a landscape riddled with ominous events and bloodthirsty criminals. Dive into their gripping world, available for streaming on Netflix.


Unexplained occurrences at Nilgiri Valley School are linked to a new student. As the Class of 2007 reunites, Adhiraj Jaisingh, a former student, is forced to confront his past actions in this intriguing mystery available on Amazon Prime Video.

"The Afterparty" 

A high school reunion takes a dark twist when it culminates in a murder, leaving attendees struggling to piece together the events of that fateful night. With memories clouded, the hunt for the murderer continues in this thrilling tale, available on [Streaming platform].

12 Exciting Murder Mysteries Like "Jaane Jaan"
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12 Exciting Murder Mysteries Like "Jaane Jaan"
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12 Exciting Murder Mysteries Like "Jaane Jaan"
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