New OTT and Movie Releases This Week That Will Keep You Hooked

New OTT and Movie Releases This Week
New OTT and Movie Releases This Week

New OTT and Movie Releases This Week: It can almost be overwhelming to keep track of all the new OTT and movie releases every week. With so much content available online and in theaters, no one wants to miss out on watching good shows and movies. And that’s where we come in to help you. We have curated a list of all the new OTT and movie releases this week for you to choose from.

This week demands long binge-watching sessions as many good movies and OTT shows are lined up for release. Theaters will be packed this Friday as movies like "Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie" and "Dumb Money" will be hitting the screens this week. We also have a Bollywood movie release this Friday — "Dhak Dhak" starring Fatima Sana Sheikh, Dia Mirza, Ratna Patak, and others. New OTT releases this week include a mix of Korean content, horror and thriller shows, romance and drama web series, and more. Check out what this week has in store for you. Update your binge list with these new OTT and movie releases this week:

1. "OMG 2"

  • Directed by: Amit Rai 

  • Cast: Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam 

  • Releasing on: 8 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Netflix

The story revolves around a persistent devotee of Lord Shiva named Kanti Sharan Mudgal. He leaves his town after his son is kicked out of his school for immoral conduct. However, a divine intervention occurs, and he realizes that he should fight for his son who was blamed wrongfully. Do not miss watching this Bollywood film that will release on OTT this week.

2. "Kofuku"

  • Directed by: Sumit Suresh Kumar 

  • Cast: Adah Sharma, Jatin Sarna 

  • Releasing on: 9 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Jio Cinema

The story revolves around Sadaf and Alok, who meet each other for the first time at a cafe in Mussoorie. Alok insists that he takes her around the city and shows her everything. The interaction and her trip with Alok change Sadaf’s perspective on life as she starts seeing things differently. This is going to be one of the most heartwarming new OTT releases this week.

3. "Star vs Food Survival"

  • Directed by: Neeraj Shetty 

  • Cast: Ranveer Brar, Suniel Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Aparshakti Khurana, Mouni Roy 

  • Releasing on: 9 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Discovery Plus

The reality show features celebrities who set out on a culinary adventure. The task at hand for these celebs is to survive the wild while also prepping a delicious meal with Chef Ranveer Brar. This is going to be a fun new OTT release to watch this weekend.

4. "Di4ries Season 2: Part 1"

  • Directed by: Alessandro Celli 

  • Cast: Andrea Arru, Flavia Leone, Sofia Nicolin, Liam Nicolosi, Biagio Venditti, Pietro Sparvoli, Francesca La Cava, Federica Franzellitti, Emily Shaqiri, Fiamma Parente, Fiorenza Tessari 

  • Releasing on: 10 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Netflix

If you want to experience teenage love and school drama, then this is one of the best OTT releases for you this week. The story revolves around the students of Galileo Galilei School of Marina Piccola as they navigate life around friendships, school, and love.

5. "Last One Standing Season 2"

  • Directed by: Hayato Kawai 

  • Cast: Daigo, Ken Watabe, Soichi Nakaoka, Koji Nishida, Yuki Hirako, Akira Kawashima, Toshiyuki Itakura, Yusuke, Kazuko Kurosawa, Nao Hashimoto, Jiro

  • Releasing on: 10 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Netflix

This exciting competition invites comedians and talents to engage in intense talk battles. To win the game, the contestants are tasked with taking on roles in a thrilling drama. Portions of the story remain unscripted, and the cast is required to share unique and personal stories of their own to finish the act. If the story isn’t funny enough, then the contestant is out of the game. Watch this weekend release with your friends for a fun time.

6. "Awareness"

  • Directed by: Daniel Benmayor 

  • Cast: Carlos Scholz, María Pedraza, Pedro Alonso, Lela Loren, Óscar Jaenada

  • Releasing on: 11 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

An OTT movie release that you should not miss this week is "Awareness." The story talks about Ian, who is a teenager with special powers. He can cast illusions on other people’s minds. Two groups of people get to know about his powers and put him in a conflict when they ask him to choose between two groups and help them in the coming war.

7. "Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul"

  • Directed by: R.J. Cutler 

  • Cast: Allen Gladstone 

  • Releasing on: 11 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Netflix

Everyone is aware of the vape culture, and this docu-series is a must-watch OTT release this week for anyone interested to know how it all started. The series chronicles how a disjointed electronic cigarette startup named Juul became a multibillion-dollar company and its immediate fall.

8. "Once Upon A Star"

  • Directed by: Nonzee Nimibutr 

  • Cast: Sukollawat Kanarot, Darina Boonchu, Nuengthida Sophon 

  • Releasing on: 11 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Netflix

Set during the Mitr-Petchara era of Thai cinema, the story follows a traveling pharma-cinema troupe as they venture out to showcase live-dubbed movies. The path is not easy as they overcome hardships and deceptions to reach their goals. It is one of the most touching new movie releases this week.

9. "Pact of Silence"

  • Directed by: Carlos Villegas Rosales 

  • Cast: Rodolfo Salas, Marimar Vega, Gerardo Sierra, Ruben Zamora, José Manuel Rincón, Adriana Louvier, Camila Valero, Chantel Andere, Litzy, Kika Edgar, Martín Barba 

  • Releasing on: 11 October 2023 

  • Streaming on: Netflix

The story of this Mexican Netflix original drama revolves around a young and successful influencer who has had a very tragic childhood. She plans and enters the lives of four women to find out which of them is the mother who abandoned her at birth. Do add this OTT show

New OTT and Movie Releases This Week
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