These Disney Movies will make you cry!

These Disney Movies will make you cry!
These Disney Movies will make you cry!

These Disney Movies will make you cry! Disney's timeless classics and modern masterpieces continue to captivate audiences worldwide, grossing over $450 million at the box office. Despite their charming animation and family-friendly stories, Disney has a knack for crafting emotionally charged tales that leave audiences in tears. From beloved classics like Bambi to recent gems such as Coco and Inside Out, Disney's ability to blend dark and emotionally complex themes with children's entertainment is truly exceptional. These films are not only some of the saddest Disney movies but also unforgettable masterpieces.

'Up' (2009) 

'Up' opens with one of the most heart-wrenching sequences in cinematic history, depicting Carl and Ellie's lifelong romance. The film balances moments of cheerfulness and poignancy, making it a hilarious, uplifting, and emotionally charged adventure. Disney Pixar's reputation for crafting lovable stories that evoke deep emotions is perfectly embodied in 'Up.'

'Toy Story 3' (2010) 

'Toy Story 3' expertly tugs at the heartstrings, particularly in the incinerator scene and Andy's farewell to his beloved toys. The film's ability to touch both children and adults emotionally sets it apart as one of the most tear-inducing Disney movies.

'Inside Out' (2015) 

'Inside Out' is a crowning glory in Pixar's filmography, exploring the emotions inside an 11-year-old girl's head as she copes with a difficult relocation. The film cleverly combines joy with moments of powerful poignance and sadness, making it a profound emotional experience.

'WALL-E' (2008) 

'WALL-E' is a Disney masterpiece set in a dystopian future, featuring a little robot's journey into space to find his love. While the film has a cheerful tone, it also touches on poignant moments that can bring tears, thanks to the heart-aching quality of the titular robot.

'Dumbo' (1941) 

Released in 1941, 'Dumbo' remains one of Disney's enduring classics, featuring a lovable circus elephant ridiculed for his large ears. The film's portrayal of bullying, Jumbo's relationship with his mother, and his friendship with a mouse make it emotionally powerful, accompanied by flawless animation and sublime music.

'Moana' (2016) 

'Moana' is an adventurous Disney film that delves into the emotional journey of a young woman defying expectations and taking control of her life's path. Moana's inner conflict and her ability to confront her own demons, along with her touching relationship with Te Ka, create a profound emotional experience.

'Coco' (2017) 

'Coco' is a Disney classic that explores themes of family, discovery, and loss through the story of a Hispanic boy's journey to the Land of the Dead. The film's emotional rollercoaster ranges from exhilarating highs to the heart-wrenching moment when Miguel sings "Remember Me" to Mama Coco, making it a must-see animated masterpiece.

'Lilo & Stitch' (2002)

'Lilo & Stitch' combines an alien koala dog with a broken family in Hawaii, creating an instant classic filled with heartwarming moments and relatable sisterhood struggles. The film's fun-filled distraction turns emotional when Lilo is taken, Stitch is cast out, and the family fights to reunite.

'The Lion King' (1994) 

'The Lion King' is an iconic Disney film that explores themes of family and loss through its plot, inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet. The film's emotional depth, iconic death of Mufasa, and moments of triumph and complexity ensure a constant flow of tears.

'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' (1996) 

Set in 1482 Paris, 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' is a dark and deep Disney classic that explores the life of an outcast, Quasimodo, who hides in a bell tower. This film takes audiences on a roller coaster of emotions, from anger and disgust to sadness and joy, making it a compelling emotional journey.

'Encanto' (2021) 

'Encanto' is an emotional rollercoaster that follows Mirabel, an unremarkable family member with the responsibility of saving their magical family home. The film explores complicated familial relationships and deep-rooted trauma, particularly Mirabel's strained bond with her Abuela. With a missing sibling and a dead husband, the film offers an emotional experience that is sure to bring tears.

'Bambi' (1942) 

Bambi' remains one of Disney's original tear-jerkers, depicting a young deer's journey through life and the loss of his mother to a hunter. This coming-of-age tale evokes visceral emotions, and the hunter's presence fills the film with dread, ultimately leading to Bambi's growth into a protector, tugging at the audience's heartstrings.

'Big Hero 6' (2014)

'Big Hero 6' delves into themes of grief and loss as it follows Hiro, who loses his brother and forms a bond with Baymax, a nurse robot. The film's core relationship is rich with sweetness, leading to emotionally overwhelming moments and a compelling blend of action and entertaining side characters.

'Brother Bear' (2003) 

'Brother Bear' marked Disney's early 21st-century phase, offering a unique story about a boy who transforms into a bear after a fateful encounter with one. While it may not have aged as gracefully as some other Disney classics, it still packs an emotional punch and showcases Disney's prowess in animating animals.

'The Fox and the Hound' (1981) 

Disney faced challenges in the period between its early classics and the 1990s renaissance. However, 'The Fox and the Hound' emerged as a celebrated tear-jerker, telling the story of a red fox and a hunting dog whose childhood friendship is torn apart in adulthood. This tale explores themes of loss and friendship, making it one of Disney's ultimate heart-wrenching classics.

These Disney Movies will make you cry!
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